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Written by Andy Benaglia

Tucked away in western Kenya, Nandi Hills is a little known green paradise away from the common tourist routes. Its stunning scenery, relaxed atmosphere and peaceful, beautiful people make it a must-visit place on an off-the-beaten-track adventure in Kenya.

Nandi Hills Kenya
The rolling green hills of tea makes Nandi Hills a magical place to visit

Also commonly known as the ‘green gold of Kenya’, the first tea (Camellia sinensis) seedlings were introduced to Kenya from India by the late G.W.L. Caine in 1903 and planted in Limuru, near Nairobi.

Nandi Hills Kenya
Like almost all of Africa, Sunday is a special day and the best clothing is worn. The day is dedicated to church and rest.
Nandi Hills Kenya
Tea leaves and flushes, which includes a terminal bud and two young leaves, are picked.

Commercial cultivation began in 1924 and is one of Kenya’s leading agriculture exports worldwide with its main markets in India, Britain and North America.

Nandi Hills Kenya
All the tea picking done is strictly by hand

Interestingly, Kenya is the biggest global producer of tea –  is cultivated mainly in the highlands with the biggest estates in the Limuru, Kericho and Nandi Hills. Here, you will find ideal weather, tropical red soils and well-distributed rainfall year round.

Nandi Hills Kenya
The green gold of Kenya – Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills Kenya
All the tea is picked by hand here in Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills Kenya
The handpicked tea in Nandi Hills is the first step on its journey around the world.

Cultivated and processed using traditional methods (picking of the tender leaves and buds cyclically and then dried and fermented by enzymes). Almost all the processing is done using the crush, tear and curl method, which makes it suitable for use in blends for most black tea markets.

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