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Do you want to be published in your own issue of our online magazine? Well now is your chance with our ‘Your Africa Geographic Feature’!

After trekking around the bush the whole day under the African sun, what better way to relax than to put your feet up with a nice cold drink while watching the sunset – the perfect end to another great day in Africa. But why stop there? Our feet deserve some recognition for all their hard work, so in our next ‘Your Africa Geographic Feature’, we are celebrating ‘Feet on Safari’!

Submit your photos of your “footsies”, or “shoefies” (a selfie of your shoes), while on safari in the African bush and they might be published in our special ‘Feet on Safari‘ magazine issue!

Read on to find out more about submission guidelines and dates
boat, water, river, Africa, feet
Okavango Delta, Botswana © Christian Boix
What is it?

‘Your Africa Geographic Feature’ (#YourAGfeature) is your chance to share your photographs and stories with our worldwide community – the largest passionate bunch of Africa-loving fanatics on the planet!

The theme: Feet on Safari

We invite you to submit your photographs that show feet (with or without shoes) enjoying their time in the African bush! The best of these will be published by us in a website gallery and /or on our social media pages, along with other submissions. Note that the emphasis on this feature will be fun and light-hearted.

foot selfie, African bush, travel
Khwai Concession, Botswana © Simon Espley
How to submit:

♦ Send your photographs (maximum three per email) to along with the following details:

♦ Name and surname

♦ Title of photograph(s)

♦ A caption that tells us more about:

1. The photograph(s) – what is happening in the scene, whose feet/shoes are we looking at?

2. The location – where it was taken in Africa?

water, splashing water with feet, Africa
Okavango Delta, Botswana  © Christian Boix
Photograph requirements:

♦ Please keep your photographs in line with the theme: Feet, with or without shoes, on safari in Africa.

♦ Please limit the submissions to three per email. You may send in as many emails as you wish.

♦ Size and format: Under 2Mb per photograph, JPG format.

♦ Watermarks/signatures: Please remove any watermarks or signatures on the photograph.

♦ Photos should be a faithful representation of the original scene. Localised adjustments should be used appropriately.

♦ The objective is to remain faithful to the original experience, and to never deceive the viewer or misrepresent the reality.


♦ Submissions for ‘Feet on Safari’ will be open from Thursday, 14th September and will close on Tuesday, 10th October, 2017, midnight (CAT).

Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, mountain
Cape Town, South Africa © Christian Boix
Rights and obligations – yours and ours

♦ Your photographs and text submitted will remain your property, and we will always credit you as the copyright owner, when and wherever we use them.

♦ You hereby grant us the non-exclusive right to use, in perpetuity and without compensation, the photographs and text provided by you, on our website as described on this web page, and to market the gallery on our social media pages.

♦ We reserve the right to edit text, in order to optimise it for our purposes.

♦ We cannot be held responsible or liable for the misuse of your content by any third party, even if they copied your content from our website or social media pages. Unfortunately, copyright theft is a common problem for all content owners, and we take all precautions necessary to prevent or reduce this problem.

♦ The decision to publish your content as described above, or not, is ours alone and not subject to influence or negotiation. Our editorial decisions are based on our pursuit of the best quality content at all times.

♦ By submitting photographs and text to us you declare yourself as the copyright owner, and agree to compensate us or a third party should this prove not to be the case, with resultant legal and financial consequences.

elephant, feet, boat, safari, Africa
Okavango Delta, Botswana  © Christian Boix
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