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Walvis Bay in Namibia is synonymous with flamingos and a trip to the area would not be complete without some time spent in the company of these other-worldly feathered beauties.

Flamingo-flying Flamingo-take-off

This is one of the best places in the world to see these pretty-in-pink birds as it is said that most of the flamingos in Southern Africa visit this area at some stage to feed. Then in the middle of the night big groups of them will suddenly up and leave, departing to Etosha to breed.

Flamingo-wings two-flamingos

Their long legs create a fuchsia forest on the lagoon front at Walvis Bay and coupled with their bizarrely long necks which they twist in bone-breaking fashion, their knees that bend the wrong way and the luminous colours that line their wings, they are some of the strangest and most gorgeous birds to look at. Each a varying degree of pink, its almost as each one has its own personality, choosing whether to be flamboyant in nature or more reserved in their clothing choice.

flamingo-knees Flamingo-pink pink-flamingo

Up close you realise that if someone had described them in a book, you would have simply dismissed their description of these stunning birds as poor fantasy!

Flamingo Flamingo-walvis-bay Flamingo-potrait Flamingo-stepping-on-each-other flamingo-namibia Flamingo-flight Flamingo-flly
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