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Everest Team gathers in support of the Wild Dogs


The black tie function took place on Thursday the 30th September at the Rosebank Hyatt.

Thanks to you, the event was sold out with 220 people. David OSullivan hosted the event and Vaughan De La Harpe, who initiated the event, helped, in all to raise approx R700 000 for the Kruger wild dogs project!

Frikkie, the Wild Dog, who climbed Everest with Vaughan sold for a staggering R125 000! Dont worry, he has gone to a good home!

We will be hosting another Wild Dogs dinner in Cape Town on the 18th November, if you are interested or know of anyone who would be, please email for details.

Congrats and thanks to all who participated.

Our next big adventure will be our SKI TO THE NORTH POLE in April 2011. Sign up for dispatches in March! Thanks for your support as always!

Sean Disney

Grant Atkinson generously donated this image for the auction.

Africa Geographic founder Peter Borchert attended the event:

“It was a great evening for conservation as some R400,000 was raised by auction to study dogs in the wild, particularly in Kruger where the population has plummeted from some 350 individuals to about 130. The idea is to fit dogs within the various packs with radio collars so the researchers can track their movements (especially when the animals (as they do) leave the reserve and enter farmlands where it is suspected that they are shot.

The framed print we donated raised R4750 and I donated a further R3000 on our behalf. The most successful lot fetched R135,000! It was a framed collection of Everest memorabilia (in an ascent last year the team took a wilddog fluffy toy with them to publicise the plight of the species). The climbing dog was named Frikkie and as a donor to the event we received a fluffy dog as well. He/she is called Dell. Frikkie-Dell”

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Frikkie the Wild Dog

Frikkie is the 9th member of an intrepid Adventure Dynamics team currently preparing to climb Everest from the north face. He is determined to be the first African wild dog on the summit of Mount Everest and has requested that a photo journal records his progress to the top and his safe return. The journal will be auctioned along with Frikkie himself as part of Adventure Dynamics’ team objective to increase the awareness of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s fundraising efforts for their African wild dog research project in the Kruger National Park. Frikkie hopes to raise at least R500,000 as a contribution towards it. He has already spent a week acclimatizing in Kathmandu and is doing well, soaking up the local culture.