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The Mzanzi Trophy is an exhilarating road trip unlike any other. It showcases the best of Southern Africa in a 9,000km adventure which will test your skills. You’ll make your way through 6 countries taking in all the splendour and beauty the region has to offer, in your search for The Spirit of the Great Heart!


Searching for the Spirit of the Great Heart” is a very special challenge designed to enhance the experience of travelling in Africa by immersing our participants in the every-day, raw, pure, unfiltered Africa.

It requires teams to work together taking part in treasure hunts, 4 wheel drive challenges, obstacle courses and more. Many more challenges will be revealed along the way as you seek and discover clues.

The event caters for men and women over 18 years old and no task is too difficult to take part in. So grab a couple of your best mates and/or family and sign up for the 2014 Mzanzi Trophy!

The where and when

  • Participants will leave from Cape Town bright and early on Monday morning (public holiday), 16 June 2014. Destination: Somewhere in Namibia.
  • You will travel through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.
  • The finish line is at an undisclosed location on a Mozambican beach on 4 July 2014. Many of the attractions along the route will be revealed as the event progresses. Teams must make their way to certain locations where challenges await them, but be sure that highlights include the Fish River Canyon, Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls and Lake Malawi, to name but a few.
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The how

All you need is a 4×4, friends/family (because travelling 9 000km is more fun with them on board) and camping equipment.

Giving back

The Mzanzi Trophy works closely with the Put Foot Foundation, an NGO which gifts underprivileged school children (who cannot afford shoes) with a pair of brand new, 100% leather, South African made school shoes. You’ll be an integral part of giving hope, pride and dignity to these kids.

For more information click here: Mzanzi Trophy

Have a gander at the goings on during Mzanzi Trophy 2013:


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