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On a quiet day earlier this month, South Luangwa’s resident elephants decided to come marching through Kapani Lodge‘s camp again. 

As soon as we hear a certain kind of rustling of the trees outside, we know elephants are around. It always gets us excited; the whole Kapani team rushes outside to watch the parade of these giant animals past the Norman Carr Safaris office (and to take a selfie of course!).


What amazes me the most is that although most of the team were born and raised in Mfuwe, and have grown up watching these animals from birth (as well as raid their crops and push over parts of their homes), they are as excited as our newest team member to watch the procession.


We have some herds who regularly trod a well known path past Pam Carr’s art studio, the office and our houses. They are completely unconcerned by the humans who inhabit the space and many of us have almost bumped into them (literally) as we walk around a corner.

Photographing-elephants Elephant-bum

Standing on the step of the Norman Carr Safaris office, we watch them pass. No matter how often we see them, there is always a jolt of adrenaline that passes through the group when they wander peacefully past, up close and personal.

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