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After covering a mammoth 900km on the first day, we finally reached the Namibian border where we were greeted by the symbol of the south…

quiver tree put foot rally project rhino kzn

It was my turn behind the steering wheel and it was late in the afternoon, in the west clouds were forming and colours developing that had my fellow three travellers clicking away like crazy.  In the distance I noticed a very unusual tree, not a woody species that I’m used to seeing in Zululand, but not quite a succulent either – the species you often find in the stark Namibian landscape. It was standing on a small rise 500-odd metres from the highway.  It seemed to be a gift from the Namibia, as it was our first day in the country and we were presented with the perfect sunset and the most appropriate subject for the region, a Quiver Tree.

[slickr-flickr tag = “day2putfoot” captions=”on” descriptions=”on”]

The Quiver tree or Kokerboom Aloe dichotoma, is too southern Namibia as the Baobab is too Northern South Africa. It places you in a geographical region with out the need of a GPS. It was first discovered in 1685 by Simon van der Stel, then the governor of the Cape, he named it the Quiver tree after finding out that the local San or Bushman used the inner trunk to make their quivers, as it creates a cylindrical tube idea for holding Arrows.


quiver tree put foot rally project rhino kzn

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Etienne Oosthuizen

I am a professional field guide with an irrepressible enthusiasm for wildlife photography – a born and bred Zimbabwean, I grew up on a tobacco farm where I was exposed to the great outdoors from a young age. Now with more than 10 years guiding experience across 5 countries, and many hours spent behind a camera, I have realised that photography has the potential to become our greatest conservation tool. I now live in Zululand where I work at Thanda Private Game Reserve and am an active member of Project Rhino KZN – dedicated to the protection of South Africa's rhinos.