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Caught on camera! This is the moment a cheeky little snapper crawled onto the back of a hippo for a ride across a Kruger park dam in South Africa.

croc rides on hippo's back kruger dam

The opportune shot was captured by 21 year-old field guide and wildlife photographer Richard Millar. ‘When I arrived at the dam the hippo was almost fully submerged in the mud with just his nostrils sticking out. He had a grey heron perched on his back but about 5 minutes later the heron flew away and a baby crocodile decided it was his turn!’

According to Richard the croc clambered up from behind the hippo’s ear, sprawled across his blubbery backside and stretched out for a casual ride around the dam. ‘He would sit for about 10 minutes and then go for a dip and do the whole thing again!’ When Richard left the baby croc was as cool as a cat, still stretched out and lapping up the rays on his handy hippo-lilo.

croc rides hippo kruger dam

Visit Richard’s photography site and Facebook page.


I’m Holly - born and raised in the rural British Counties, my mother began life on a sugar farm in Zululand. After reading Anthropology at university in London, working for a political activist filmmaker in India, and doing a short stint under the bright lights of Bollywood – I decided it was time to return to the motherland. To earn a crust in the name of wanderlust, I finished up a post grad in media and hotfooted around South Africa as a freelance travel journalist.