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The Last Safari

Photojournalist Elizabeth L Gilbert set out on a journey through remote Africa to present slide shows to Maasai warriors, whom she documented in her books decades earlier. Many have never seen photos of themselves before, let alone a projection on a silver screen under the stars. The Last Safari is a documentary project ‘in motion’ […]

Hope for the Future: taking the good with the bad

Tanzania: first week of stage three By Matt Hampson Day 40 has definitely been our worst day yet. We woke up to gale force winds which, on this side of the lake, is a head wind and thus smashes you straight in the face and is extremely difficult to paddle in. We decided to push […]

Tracks of Giants – crossing the desert

I have been to the tiny dusty village of Puros in Namibia a number of times, but never had this collection of drab tin and pre-fab dwellings been such a welcome sight. Lying on the edge of the Hoarusib River that splits the true Namib Desert from the pre-Namib and Escarpment to the east, it […]

Unlikely evangalism in Ghana

Driving through Kumasi’s industrial outskirts in Ghana, a behemoth billboard looms over the highway forcefully advertising the sale of ‘Turn the Other Cheek Glycophosphate’. Just beyond it lies ‘King of Hosts Funeral Catering Services’ and – invitingly for shoplifters – ‘Forgive and Forget Metallic Plumbing Products’. Goofy is the inappropriate mascot for ‘My Redeemer Lives […]

Hope for the Future: dramatic scenery and ‘the day with the sunrise’

By Caiden Lang The last two weeks has been an experience like no other. After leaving Nkatha Bay we continued our journey northwards towards Tanzania. If you were to look on a map, you would notice that there are no roads leading down to the lake from Nkatha  bay to somewhere near Chilumba-a stretch of […]

A brighter future: day 3 of a Children in the Wilderness camp

I awoke to the smoky smell of Maltabella oats, and had to look around some to see that I wasn’t on a boarding school camp in the Drakensberg. After a few helpings, sitting out on the damp deck (the rain must have come again in the night), Brett presented another angle on the circle of […]

Recalling the falls

While scrolling through Africa Geographic’s Facebook page, I came across an image of the Victoria Falls. There are many pictures of this spectacular natural wonder around, but some, like this one (posted on 14 May), always manage to tug at my heartstrings. It rekindled my fondness for the falls … once seen, they never seem […]

A brighter future: day 2 of a Children in the Wilderness camp

Today camp followed the theme of the ‘Circle of Life’. Janet, the camp co-ordinator and head of CITW South Africa, offered the day’s first lesson on leadership values, and was followed by Pafuri guide Jeffrey, who detailed the circle of life, and the interdependence of the species on each other. Once the theory had been grasped, […]

Hope for the Future: a scary split-up and the completion of stage one

By Marc Hampson Day 12 Due to some rookie errors, we managed to lose track of each other in the 8 foot swells.  We’d already lost half our team – Matt, Caiden and myself paddled to a point and waited for Sam and Guy for about four hours. After a long walk up and down […]

A Maasai Wedding: The bride wore beads

A Maasai wedding with its colourful ceremony based on ancient customs is a sight to behold. We were invited to the wedding of our friend Lekishon, a local Maasai and naturalist at Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp. [slickr-flickr tag = “masaiwedding” captions=”on” ] The wedding party was made up of family and friends from the surrounding […]

A brighter future: diary from a Children in the Wilderness camp

Day 1 The lions’ hassling snarls went through the night, with pesky hyenas filling the occasional silence; the latter probably making their way towards the kill site. At about 05.30am I woke up with the light streaming in from all angles, a result of my sleeping with the tent blinds wide open to allow for […]

Clever ellies and an amazing family legacy

I arrive at Adventures With Elephants in Bela Bela and immediately fall in love. But can you blame me? Surely no true African adventure can be complete without these iconic and awe-inspiring animals. Does anything compare to relaxing in a camping chair, sipping Amarula and watching an elephant family come running down to the river […]

Walking with Warriors

Walking with the Maasai among the incredible wildlife of the Loita Hills was an unforgettable experience. The remote village of Olorte is far off the beaten track but it was worth every bump in the road to get there. Olkoroi Wilderness Camp, named for the black-and-white colobus monkey, was set up to support the local […]

The man who planted 100 million trees!

When the president of Mozambique, Armando Emilio Guebuza, went to visit Pedro Muagura at his humble home in Mozambique, he asked him one simple question: “Why do you plant trees?” Pedro considered this for a moment, and then replied: “Trees feed us with their fruit every day; a pregnant mother needs to rest in the […]

Zanzibar: Top 10 things to do in Stone Town

Zan-zi-barrr the very name evokes mystery, intrigue and exotic, sultry adventure. Stone Town is where it simmers, with its crumbling coral-rag palaces, winding, walled alleyways, and a history steeped in spices. I would be lying if I told you it was as if time had stood still, the ancient trading hub of East Africa is now […]

Southern Africa set to host world’s largest radio telescope

KAT-7 is the world’s first radio telescope built in the Karoo, South Africa’s semi-desert hinterland. It’s the basis for what’s known as the MeerKAT array, a world-class radio telescope that will be made up of 64 dishes designed to do ground-breaking science. httpv:// All of this is just a prec-cursor to what people are calling the […]

Cape Town Roars to the Sound of Brian May & Kerry Ellis

There can’t be many organisations that could persuade the likes of legendary rock guitarist Brian May to jump on a plane, come to South Africa for a couple of days, and play for a hundred guests or so at the launch of a new conservation project. Such is the power of the British-based Born Free […]

Morocco’s Painter by Mouth

Once in a while we come across a person in our lives that allows us to understand the meaning of dignity. For me it is Mustapha El Harchi, a disabled painter by mouth from Morocco’s seaside artist colony of Essaouira, that serves as a reminder of how self-dignity and self-preservation of the soul is free.

Morocco and the Pasha Glaoui’s Exotic Kasbah Telouet

  To visit Kasbah Telout is to see one of Morocco’s hidden jewels. It lies at an elevation of 1,800 meters and lays claim to magnificent views that overlook the Berber village of Telouet. Kasbah Telouet is one of Morocco’s most impressive Kasbahs. Most travellers who visit Kasbah Telouet opt to see it when en […]

Zambia’s Kuomboka Ceremony

Every year towards the end of the rainy season when the upper Zambezi River floods its banks (anytime between February and May), the Lozi people of Zambia begin a spectacular ceremonial procession to higher ground. httpv:// Video © Charl Pauw, Open Africa. Open Africa works with communities to establish off-the-beaten-track, self-drive travel routes in a […]

21 inspirational travel quotes

All travellers need inspiration. No matter who you are and how much you’ve traveled, there will always be moments on the road when you need to reminded of where you’re going and why you chose to get there. Fortunately, human history has always been full of intrepid adventurers jotting down their thoughts on the inspiration […]

Women are heroes: Nairobi

JR is an anonymous frenchman who travels the world taking photos. His subjects are the unsung heroes of this planet, whose photographs he blows up and plasters freely in the streets. Back in 2008 he pitched up in the slum of Kibera, Nairobi, and embarked on a project to underline the dignity of African women. […]

Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Grammy Award nomination

httpv:// South African musical mavericks and world-renowned traditional acapella group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo have done it again. Their latest release, “Songs From A Zulu Farm,” has been nominated for yet another Grammy Award in the category of Best World Music CD. This is their 16th Grammy Award nomination and an extra-special one in that there […]

NEW BOOK: A Year in the Wild

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend a year at an up-market game lodge in the deep African bushveld? Well, James Hendry – author, musician and ex-game ranger – has released a new book that takes you on this crazy journey. A Year in the Wild is the story of the strange happenings […]

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Winners from the highly acclaimed Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition are currently exhibiting their works at the Iziko Museum in Cape Town. If you happen to be in the Mother City between December 2011 and March 2012 it’s well worth a visit. RUNNER-UP, Cyril Ruoso, FRANCE. Tiny warm-up. Folded up into a fur-ball, this youngster is warming its […]

Day 3 MSC Sinfonia: Destination Bazaruto

Early this morning we anchored off the Mozambican Island of Bazaruto – a quintessential tropical paradise of powder white sand and warm azure waters. The weather finally decided to perk up, overnight force eight gales transformed into flat velvety seas and I woke to find pods of nosy dolphins swimming below my balcony. My cabin […]

Zahara: Africa’s rising star

httpv:// I saw Zahara for the first time, performing on stage at a gala dinner for a recent press trip. I was instantly amazed by her talent and soulful presence and could not understand why I hadn’t heard of her before. I leaned over and asked the person next to me who she was. “That’s […]

Fantasia in Marrakech

Fantasia in Marrakech is a spectacular way to see Marrakech by night. This Equestrian dinner and Moroccan music show is held at Chez Ali in the Palmerie of Marrakech. It pays homage to the traditional Meknes Fantasia in the old medieval capital of northern Morocco. A Moroccan dinner is served with a traditional starter of Harira (chickpea soup), a […]

Kane the Bushman

Last week I had the good fortune of being email-introduced to a young man who goes by the name of Kane the bushman. Kane is a guide conducting private and walking safaris in the northern part of Botswana, along the edge of the Okavango delta. It was here, in the remote Bukakwe village of Gudigwa, that […]

The Affirmation of Ordinary Life

To go on holiday to the African tropics, to the beaches and the blue seas. Hurrah. A family on an African adventure. Months of expectation, the small plane with propellers, the intimate stroll across the tarmac to the sparkling mini JFK , newly constructed by the Chinese, in exchange for something else. Expectations high. So […]

Rocking the Daisies

Once a year, a party of truly epic proportions descends on the daisy-scattered fields of a remote Western Cape farm…. httpv:// It really was a gathering like no other. I’m still wittering on about what an INCREDIBLE time I had, and we’re now almost a week post-festival. Rocking the Daisies is like South Africa’s version […]

Images from the Interior

Hi everyone, just a short introductory post to kick things off. Based in Cape Town, I am a documentary photographer with an interest in stories that explore our relationship with what we call “nature”. It’s a complex relationship, gnarled with ideological peaks and crevices that reflect our deep and often unarticulated notions of what it is to be human […]

Meeting Jane Goodall

“Just a typical Tuesday morning,” I commented to my colleague Harriet, as we sat on the foyer stairs of a Camps Bay house, Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop, listening to an operatic rendition by a quirky German man by the name of Heinz. Next to me sat the world-famous primatologist Dr Jane Goodall, who was […]

Afrika Burn video

Every year an outrageously hot, dusty and over-the-top festival descends on the Tankwa Karoo Desert of South Africa. Get the full story @ Safari interactive travel mag httpv:// afrika burns from aerocam on Vimeo.

South African explorer takes on Iceland

He was the first person to cycle across Africa – a journey that involved pedalling through 34 countries, being imprisoned in Equatorial Guinea, and held captive by drugged teenage rebels in Liberia.

Himba Encounter

Meeting the Himba was not what I expected. I imagined driving for hours through desolate, desert landscapes until finally reaching a remote village perched between rocky hills with no sign of modern civilisation in sight. They would approach the khaki clad tourists with cautious curiosity and cast a suspicious eye at the shiny digital cameras.

James Bond is coming to Cape Town

It was revealed recently, at a book launch in London, that the new James Bond book  – and eventually movie – will be based in Cape Town. Bond will apparently be boarding at hotels like the Cape Grace and dining at restaurants like Beluga. When asked about why he chose Cape Town for the backdrop […]

Silversmiths of Ibo Island

For centuries, artisans on Ibo Island off the northern coast of Mozambique have been hand-crafting silver jewellery using ancient techniques passed down from father to son. There are about 40 silversmiths on the island, many of whom work out of Ibo’s 17th century star-shaped fort. The tradition dates back to the 12th century A.D. when […]

Drunk Wild Dog in Kathmandu

We weren’t exactly sad to see the end of Base Camp and actually looked forward to the harrowing 13-hour road trip to Kathmandu. In particular, Frikkie couldn’t contain his excitement and spent much of the journey with his head stuck out of the passenger seat window, agape. Additionally, there was the rugby to look forward […]

Frikkie heads for North Col

It is not easy living at 6,500m. The thin air plays havoc with the nasal cavaties and lips. Frikkie knows where I keep the Labello and when I go for that particular pocket he automatically puckers up. A good night”s rest is impossible as the body tries its best to adapt to the rarified atmosphere. […]

Frikkie disappears for a while

“Yum yum.” The other day at Interim Camp Frikkie disappeared for the morning, which was not unusual, but suspicions were aroused when he didn’t appear for lunch. The sound of lusty gnawing emanating from behind a cairn betrayed his position where he was enjoying the leg of some luckless antelope with noisy appreciation. We had […]

South African Everest Team including Frikkie the Wild Dog bare all

Chatting in the mess tent last night about the move from Base Camp to Interim Camp, not having said anything all day Frikkie suddenly blurted out, his eyes sparkling, “why don’t we photograph the entire team with Everest as a back drop but wait for it dudes – everyone is naked! We can auction this […]