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The reality of living with elephants

Human-elephant conflict (HEC) is one of the most prominent conservation challenges in Africa at the moment and Laikipia County, in central Kenya, has some of the highest levels of HEC in east Africa.

Rhino anti-poaching good cop being set up?

Warrant officer JP van Zyl-Roux is facing an internal disciplinary hearing this week for allegedly failing to hand over a docket to anti-corruption investigators‚ having private firearms at work and bringing the force into disrepute.

Video: sibling’s thrilling African adventure

What happens when two adventure-loving siblings get together and embark on a spontaneous 8-week road trip across Africa? A whole lot of fun and crazy according to Shelton and Angel Du Preez.

Ghana: a journey to the mecca of West Africa

Whilst the existence of the mosque was first recorded in 1421, there are claims that it’s much older than this. It’s certainly known to be the oldest building in Ghana. Known as “The Mecca of West Africa”, the mosque also houses a Quran which is said to date from 1650 and was a gift from heaven to the Imam for his prayers.

Dame Daphne Sheldrick to begin chemotherapy

On Tuesday, 4th April, Dr Dame Daphne Sheldrick, founder of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), announced she was beginning a course of chemotherapy to counter breast cancer.

Adrian Steirn – shooting for the natural world

His recent series of photographs of the Pangolin Men highlighted the plight of the pangolin as the most trafficked animal in the world. I chatted with Adrian about pangolins, conservation and the challenges of being a wildlife photographer.

Hippo relief efforts in drought-stricken Kenya

On 15th March 2017, Care for the Wild Kenya received reports from Lamu County in Kenya, (the sites are Mkunumbi, Chomo, Mokowe, Lake Kenyatta and Mpeketoni) that hippos were bearing the brunt of the current drought.

A woman’s first step into anti-poaching

Anyone wanting to bring change in the fight against wildlife crime, gain more skills in the field and become equipped for the African bush should go through the Tactrac fivee-week intensive anti-poaching course.

Born Free: 50 years on

There is a moving moment in the film Born Free, when Elsa the lioness walks towards Joy and George Adamson, played by actors Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna. Elsa had spent a week trying to fend for herself in northern Kenya. As she approaches the couple, they see that their experiment hasn’t worked: she is […]

Video: South Africa – A world in one country

Jeroen Schrage is an upcoming cinematographer from the Netherlands. During his recent road trip in South Africa he used his skill set to capture beautiful shots for his portfolio and turn them into a video presenting South Africa as a land capturing an entire world in itself.

Himba: Hearts of Sand

The Himba tribe in Namibia’s arid north are a semi-nomadic people who have largely resisted modernisation. This fantastic gallery celebrates their lives.

The green gold of Kenya

Commonly known as the ‘green gold of Kenya’, Nandi Hills is a little-known paradise of tea-plantation bliss.

Meet 3 elephant angels

Three of the world’s leading African elephant conservationists offer hope and inspiration for saving elephants from extinction.

Gallery: Faces of Africa

This fantastic image gallery of faces of Africa will have you contacting us to plan your next safari, and packing your camera bag and tripod

Messages of Hope

Messages of Hope is an inspiring book celebrating the most driven, most successful conservationists on Planet Earth.These are nature’s heroes.