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Elephants cross highway using new underpass

When is a tunnel not a tunnel? When it’s a trunk road. This tunnel, which connects two wilderness areas in Kenya, has just opened and for the first time elephants have been spotted using it.

Two lion cubs born in Liuwa

Two lion cubs have been sighted in Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia, significantly marking the first birth of lion cubs in the park for well over 10 years.

China to destroy ivory

The Chinese government plans to destroy several tons of confiscated ivory and other wildlife products demonstrating the Chinese government’s commitment in combatting the multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade.

Kruger elephant shot after attack

An elephant bull has been put down after it attacked a couple in the Kruger National Park on Monday, trampling their blue Volkswagen car.

Life sentence for poachers

The Kenyan parliament has passed a new bill that calls on a life sentence as punishment for wildlife poachers.

Microsoft billionaire to fund elephant survey

Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft, has announced that he will be funding a survey on Africa’s elephants to calculate how many actually remain, where they are found, what threats they face and whether their total population numbers are in fact increasing or decreasing.

Safety update for those travelling to Mozambique

The African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) have responded to several articles in the European press regarding safety updates for travellers to Mozambique, saying that they are “inaccurately reporting” on the unrest. Read their safety update here.

Marching for elephants

On Friday, 4 October 2013, fifteen official cities took part in the iworry International March for Elephants in an effort to protect and preserve the world’s elephants, here are some photos from the Cape Town march.

There is a crocodile under my bed!

Guy Whitall slept for 8 hours, unaware that a crocodile was under his bed. The croc found under bed is captured and released back into the Turgwe River river in Zimbabwe.

41 elephants poisoned with cyanide

41 elephants have been killed by cyanide which had been added to the waterholes from which they drink in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

Responsible for the slaughter of 10 000 elephants…. facing one year in jail?

A notorious ivory trafficker was arrested in Togo on 6 August 2013. N’Bourke, who is known as “The Boss”, is an a ivory trafficking and poaching kingpin and is believed to have been operating for over 40 years, fueling the slaughter of over 10 000 elephants. The Daily Mail reported that upon being arrested, N’Bourke […]

SA wants 'once-off' sale of rhino horn

Original source: News24 Rhino horn stockpiles in South Africa currently total more than 18 tons, environmental affairs confirmed on Wednesday. These included 16 347kg in government stockpiles and 2 091kg in private hands, the department’s deputy director general for biodiversity, Fundisile Mketeni, told reporters in Pretoria. “This is where we stand as we speak,” he […]

US to help SA fight poaching

Original source: News24 US President Barack Obama on Monday signed an executive order launching a $10m bid to cut wildlife trafficking in Africa, which threatens to decimate rhino and elephant populations. US officials said that Obama, who is in Tanzania, would set up a task force to develop a strategy against the illicit wildlife trade […]

Vulture, thought extinct, seen in Kruger

Original source: News24  A vulture declared regionally extinct in South Africa has reappeared in the Kruger National Park. Marloth Park Honorary Ranger Genie Retief spotted a juvenile Egyptian Vulture, also known as “Pharaoh’s Chicken” on 6 May. Fellow ranger Andrew Hudson took a photograph, which was presented to local South African Rare Birds Reports group who […]

Great white shark megaworld? Really?

On Tuesday 25 June, an updated regional estimate of great white shark populations in South Africa’s ‘shark capital’, Gansbaai in the Western Cape, is to be released to the public. And the results may come as a surprise. Shark numbers in the area may not be what you thought. The research was conducted by the Dyer […]

Evidence against trophy hunting mounts

Over the past decade I, along with other people, have consistently argued that the economic benefits of trophy hunting have been crudely overstated. And when viewed against the alternative land-use option, that of well-managed photographic ecotourism, the merit of trophy hunting in nationally protected areas holds even less weight, if any at all.  In this […]

360,000 Euro for Namibian cheetah conservation

Press Release: Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is pleased to announce that it is one of three recipients of a funding agreement with the Embassy of Finland. The agreements were signed on 11 June 2013, and announced by the Head of Mission of the Embassy of Finland, Ms. Anne Saloranta. The grants are part of the […]

Elephants face extinction if Beijing does not ban ivory trade

Original source: Daily Mail China needs to act now on the country’s illegal ivory trade to stop elephants becoming extinct, according to one conservationist. Joyce Poole, co-director of Elephant Voices, said the creatures had experienced their worst year in history, with more than 7 per cent killed for their tusks in only a year. She […]

Thandora death shocks experts

Original source: News24 A zoo elephant released into the Gondwana Game Reserve has died and experts are trying to determine the cause of death.  Thandora was held in captivity for 23 years before she was released into the wild this year with high hopes that she would adapt to the environment. However, experts from Conservation Global […]

What Will It Take to Save the East African Lion from Extinction? Hunting or Herding?

Original source: katsafrica What, if anything can save the East African lion from extinction? A hundred years ago more than 200,000 wild lions lived throughout the continent of Africa but according to present day estimates a mere 32,000 lions at best roam freely throughout the forests and grasslands of modern day Africa and there are […]

In Mozambique, the Meager Opulence of Rhino Poaching

Original source: In the poacher towns of Mozambique that border South Africa’s enormous Kruger National Park, young men hand-thread the barrels of old rifles to fit them with silencers, then slip barefoot across the border into South Africa to shoot endangered rhinos for their horns. Back home, they build ‘mansions’ in their hometowns’ millionaires […]

Rhino guy banned for wearing 'horn'

Original source: News24 A rhino campaigner has been banned from the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour because of his outfit during the 2013 race.   Steve Newman, also known as the Naked Skydiver, has been running a virtual one man campaign to raise money to fight rhino poaching. His stunts invariably include him […]

Rhinos Without Borders: Relocation of white rhinos to the Okavango Delta

As poaching is a growing threat to rhinos in South Africa, the conservation efforts of Rhinos Without Borders represent a true beacon of hope. Founded by travel company &Beyond, this ground-breaking project has translocated six white rhinos from its Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa to the Okavango Delta in Botswana. With its excellent […]

Elephant 'tramples to death suspected poacher'

Original source: “A suspected poacher has reportedly been trampled to death by an elephant as he tried to shoot the beast in Zimbabwe. The bloodied remains of Solomon Manjoro were found by rangers after what was thought to be a botched poaching trip at the protected Charara safari area inside a national park. Zimbabwe’s […]

Elephant rescue in Namibia

Elephant rescue: A few brave souls struggled for hours under the searing African sun to rescue an adult female elephant trapped in a drain

Hyena Men

This series of disturbing and yet fascinating images from photographers Pieter Hugo and Adetokunbo Abiola in their book The Hyena & Other Men

Fingers Off the Trigger: Zambia Cancels All Trophy Hunting Licences

Towards the end of last week Zambian wildlife authorities suspended the tender process for hunting concessions and cancelled all hunting licences for the foreseeable future. According to sources and local news reports, Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo has based her decision on corruption and malpractices between the hunting companies and various government departments. […]

40 wild-dogs burned near the Serengeti

Local villagers have burned 40 African wild dogs alive in the Loliondo Game Controlled Area, on the Eastern border of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The mass murder is said to be a reaction by villagers to the theft of livestock. Apparently villagers in Kertalo and Orkiu have lost 157 goats and 4 cattle […]

Elephant overturns a car in Kruger National Park

It seems that sometimes nature does fight back! The latest news from the Kruger National Park is that a a bull elephant has charged a car, flipping it over in the process. A couple was inside, but neither of them is badly hurt. The man suffered a minor knee injury, but was attended to by […]