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Kruger Walking Magic

This is a trip report of our five-night stay in the Kruger National Park, which included the three-night Mphongolo Backpack Trail – a trail that not only takes you into the largest wilderness area in the Kruger but also takes your soul to a deeper level than you could ever have imagined. Our travelling group, […]


As if Kruger wasn’t enough in itself, find out just how much there is to explore around it!

A fynbos safari

A three-night conservation programme at a new eco-camp in the Southern Cape.

Kruger Addicts

An Australian couple share why they are so crazy about Kruger National Park.


Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – a land of thirst with boundless wildlife.

Life in a Land of Thirst

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a vast wildlife paradise and photographer’s dream. This fantastic image gallery will have you packing your safari bags

A Rock Art Jewel

In 2009 I was commissioned to document a complex rock art panel on the roof of a shelter in a remote area of South Africa’s Drakensberg Mountains. The area is out of bounds to the general public and required me visiting the site on three different occasions to capture all the relevant information from the […]

South Africa’s craft beer route

Many would say that craft beer is about quality, or that, if you can stir the mash tun by hand, it is craft. When planning a craft beer route, one that is definitive or meaningful in some way, one needs to look beyond simple certainties. Indeed, quality is paramount, and what sets craft apart in […]

The Big Five for a Small Price

But going there none of the songs playing in the minivan were ones that I had requested. We were on a team-building trip, en route to Djuma Private Game Reserve. Africa Geographic’s advertising manager, Adie, had emailed the team asking for music preferences, but she had forgotten the Pink Floyd I requested. She played Steve […]


As I nudged my golf ball off its tee, the ship swayed ever so slightly to the right, correcting my bad putt and depositing the ball neatly in the hole nine levels above the sea. I looked around me and the metropolis of Durban, from which we were departing, started to appear more and more […]

Josie Borain’s Cape Town

As a model and photographer I lived in New York City for 13 years and never visited the Statue of Liberty. I returned home to Cape Town 19 years ago and over an amazing 4 days in December I was able to experience the mother city as a visitor for the first time. I kicked […]

Art on Safari

We invited artists and would-be artists of all skill levels into the bushveld on an art safari, armed with a drawing pad, brushes & pencils