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Predators are everywhere in the bush, and as field guides we have to exercise a certain amount of vigilance and caution at all times. But every now and then when you least expect it, someone runs into a situation that quickly reminds them that the bush belongs to the wild, and we’re just visiting.

Jaci’s Safari Lodge often has animals moving past the camp en-route to their next stop off point, but they will generally remain quite aloof when humans are around. However, recently one guide was in for a bit of a fright during a routine meet and greet when he came a bit too close to a passing lioness.


After receiving a call from the gate that some guests had entered the reserve, our guides Lauren, Anne Marie and JR crossed the swing bridge at Safari Lodge to welcome them as we always do. We were chatting amongst ourselves as we waited for the impending arrival.

Another guide who was with us turned and walked a couple of metres away, only to be met with a low guttural growl coming from a nearby bush. Realising that the growl was attached to a very large lioness, the guide stopped dead in his tracks. Needless to say, we were all alarmed, and froze. Field guide, JR, moved ahead of us and the lioness finally moved off.


Luckily our camera trap was in place around that time, and it managed to capture the lioness and some of the other predators that regularly pass camp, if only to serve as a reminder that lurking around any corner, or in this case bush, could be a predator on patrol.

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