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The Sarcastic Lens is a photobook designed to show that ordinary people can take extraordinary photographs. The Sarcastic Lens, by Richard and Amy Lynn, showcases the incredible diversity and the wondrous wildlife experienced by these nature lovers as they travelled the world.


Richard and Amy are not professional photographers, for them this is a hobby and the book is their way of celebrating the animal kingdom. In their words, “We do not use tripods. We do not use photoshop. The term ‘jpeg’ means nothing to us. It sounds more like a catch name for a Hollywood couple than a camera term.”


The Sarcastic Lens follows the adventures of Amy and Richard as they travel to every corner of the globe, visiting all seven continents and over 40 countries. The book contains over 700 photographs including everything from tigers and lions to mountain gorillas, giant pandas and Tasmanian Devils and even a great compilation of all star birds from around the world. As the writers say, “not since the days of Noah’s ark have so many diverse animals been gathered in one place.”


Each selection of stunning images is accompanied by some facts about the animal as well as interesting, and often humorous accounts of Amy and Richard’s travels. Perhaps the only creature not found in the book is the aardvark, as despite arranging three guides working together in three different jeeps on a private nighttime excursion in Botswana solely dedicated to finding aardvarks, the species alluded their lenses.


What I loved most about The Sarcastic Lens is that it made me want to get up and travel and to try my hand at capturing some lasting memories. This isn’t a photo-book that is scary and intimidating, its a personal journey and one I felt included in.


As I go out on my travels I will keep in mind Richard’s comment in the introduction, “Desire plus patience equals luck.” But perhaps it is Amy’s rebuttal that really sets the sarcastic tone of this wonderful book and makes it one to which I can relate, “On the other hand, my wife argues that the real definition of patience occurs when she is resisting the urge to strangle me while sitting in a small boat in sweltering heat so that I can take “just one more” kingfisher photo.”

The Sarcastic Lens is available on or more information can be found on The Sarcastic Lens website or through the book’s Facebook site.

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Janine Avery

I am the first to confess that I have been bitten by the travel bug… badly. I am a lover of all things travel from basic tenting with creepy crawlies to lazing in luxury lodges; I will give it all a go. I am passionate about wildlife and conservation and come from a long line of biologists, researchers and botanists.