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Penetrating the Impenetrable Forest took us deep into what was once home to the Batwa pymies, a forest-dwelling people who were displaced when Bwindi became a national park to protect the last remaining mountain gorillas.

Much of the ancient culture of the Batwa has been lost since they were removed from their forest home

We got a taste of life among the trees at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp where we stayed in a safari tent overlooking the vine-covered forest canopy. We were taken to see how the Batwa used to live by visiting The Batwa Experience, a hands-on historical and cultural encounter during which the Batwa demonstrate and describe their traditional way of life as hunter-gatherers.

The Batwa are keeping their culture alive through these displays of hunting, honey gathering, basket weaving, cave dwelling and traditional dancing. The demonstrations are not only for visitors but are also used to teach their own children how to flourish in the forest, in the hope that one day they will be able to return to their ancestral home. The rich Batwa culture that has lasted for thousands of years is now in danger of dying out.

Tree houses made from leaves and branches provided shelter and safety above the forest floor
Fire made from sticks was used to cook small game that was hunted using arrows, nets and snares

Living away from the forest and struggling to survive in small settlements led to many Batwa dying from malaria, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition. A health clinic for the Batwa that began under the shade of a tree has now grown into a large community hospital. We were shown around the grounds and met some of the hard-working doctors and nurses who care for these forgotten people.

The Bwindi Community Hospital relies entirely on donations and Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp works closely with the project to provide much-needed medical care to the Batwa, who now have a better chance of survival outside their forest home and a way to preserve their ancient culture.

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