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Newborn turtles journey to the sea

Nothing quite beats the sensation of watching newborn turtles climb and clamber towards the beginning of their ocean lives. It is a tough journey, however, and to make it to the shoreline there are many obstacles that need to be overcome.

A visit from Lady Liuwa’s Pride

There is a special relationship between Liuwa’s lions and its human inhabitants, with Lady Liuwa’s pride living wild and free, but always with a propensity for wandering the edges of Time + Tide King Lewanika, the only permanent camp in the national park.

Africa’s second biggest wildebeest migration

This time every year as the rains bring the Liuwa Plain in Zambia back to life, Africa’s second biggest wildebeest migration moves into the southern reaches of the national park to drop their calves.

Flight of the bumble bee-eaters

With their brilliant magenta plumage and accents of coral, turquoise and black, carmine bee-eaters are truly a sight to behold, turning even those least inclined into avian enthusiasts.

Gone, but not lost: Liuwa after Sepo

It is with heavy hearts that we must once more announce the loss of an important lioness from the Liuwa Pride. Just weeks after the passing of the famous Lady Liuwa, her second in command, Sepo, has passed as well.

Nsolo the orphaned warthog

The Norman Carr Safaris team at Nsolo Camp in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park came across an orphaned baby warthog and had to make a decision to help her.

A leopard brawl

A fierce fight ensues when a lone leopard pounces on a pair of mating leopards.