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Lions and hyenas: Eternal enemies

Chad Cocking and his team recently had a stunning sighting of lions restoring order and claiming their rank from the hyena clans, proving just how formidable they can be.

Video: An unusual sighting at Tanda Tula

A sighting was recently experienced by guests at Tanda Tula, Kevin Hill and his fiancé, during a game drive they happened upon this unusual interaction between a lion looking to hunt a baby rhino.

All about zebras

This week’s Tanda Tula #TrackItThursday challenge is all about zebras!

Understanding the aardvark

The answer to Tanda Tula’s #trackitthursday challenge this week is… the aardvark! Did you guess correctly?

Meet the African civet

The answer to this week’s Tanda Tula #trackitthursday challenge is… the African civet!

The chacma baboon

The answer to the Tanda Tula’s #trackitthursday challenge this week is… the chacma baboon!

Tracking wild dogs

We examine the tracks of the African wild dog, also known as the African painted dog.

Tanda Tula welcomes Tony Park

Tony and his wife, Nicola, were accompanied by the winners of the Africa Geographic competition for an exclusive three-night experience at the new Tanda Tula Field Camp where tracking game on foot was the order of the day.

A battle between wild dog and hyena, on foot!

To come across the rare wild dog on a game drive is always a special experience, but to encounter a large pack on foot while they battle it out with a hyena clan over a kill, is simply unheard of.

The lion and the honey badger

Don Scott, owner of Tanda Tula, regales the tale of the tenacious honey badger that took on a lioness in the guest loo.

Make the most of a winter safari

Winters in the African bush are a truly special time. Yes it may be a little chilly during winter, but the incredible game viewing is absolutely worth it and all you need is a warm jacket and a hot beverage to keep you cozy and warm.

There’s a honey badger on my stoep!

The honey badger is known as a fascinating, elusive and tenacious creature. It is not often that visitors to the bush come across these primarily nocturnal animals, but when they do there is always a story to tell.

Ready, steady, cook – in the bush!

One of the many things Tanda Tula is known for is offering guests exquisite bush cuisine, but running a bush kitchen certainly comes with a few logistical challenges.

Guests cross flooded river in the Timbavati

Rivers in the Timbavati which are dry beds for 99% of the year, have begun to flow following recent rainfalls. Access into various camps in the Timbavati involves crossing these dry riverbeds, so the flowing rivers have presented a number of challenges to guests trying to get in and out of the camps.

Recipe: Date and cashew nut stuffed duck

Ryan Mullet, the head chef at Tanda Tula Safari Camp, shares his delicious recipe for duck hind quarters stuffed with dates and cashew nuts, served with buttermilk pap and chakalaka.