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Mother and leopard cub get unwanted visitors

By the time we neared the sighting spot, the two leopards disappeared into some incredibly thick bush along the river. I asked Kevin what my best approach was and he said that I should try get down into the river.

The lion eats tonight

There is something magical about the bush at night. You might expect it to be silent as everything goes to sleep, but in fact that’s when it starts to wake up. Nature has a shift-work system in operation: when one animal goes to sleep, another wakes up to take its place. After our afternoon safari […]

Lions pull down a buffalo

There is something special about living in the bush and seeing these amazing animals interacting on a daily basis. But there are some days that take the adjective ‘special’ to whole new level! This particular morning was the start of one such day. Our plans were to visit the African wild dog den and to […]

Little Lions Let Rip in South Africa’s Sabi Sands

What a manic last few weeks! The Sabi Sands has been packed and the bush is pumping. The chill of winter has an icy grip over the wilderness and it’s all but dried out, the trees are losing their leaves and the herbivores are going hungry. This all bodes very well for new additions to the Southern […]