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The three-legged painted wolves of Manyoni

The team at Manyoni spring into action to rescue two endangered painted wolves, an alpha female and male, after both suffering from serious leg injuries on separate occasions.

Cheering for the cheetahs

Good news for cheetah conservation as the latest female cheetah to be introduced to Manyoni Private Game Reserve has successfully given birth to a litter of four cubs!

Video: An elephant never forgets

While many people go on safaris with the hope of having some spectacular wildlife encounters, sightings can never be guaranteed and any encounter with the wilderness should be treated as a privilege in itself. However, if you’re lucky, nature may just treat you to something wonderful.

Video: The littlest of lion cubs

Seeing a lion cub on a game drive is a massive privilege. Seeing four tiny, fluffy six-week-old lion cubs is pretty much a safari miracle!

How African animals prevent sunburn

As the days get hotter and the nights get shorter, we switch our heaters for aircons, and pack away all the winter woollies. However, many wild animals have other (far more sophisticated) ways to cope with the heat.

Tracking wild dogs in South Africa

With fewer than 400 African wild dogs estimated to be left in South Africa, seeing one of these apex predators in the wild is always a privilege.

The importance of allogrooming

When it comes to allogrooming among animals, the saying “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” definitely applies.

The lazy lions of Zululand

The higher up you are on the food chain, the lazier you’re allowed to be. Luckily for lions, they’re apex predators and can afford to spend some time lounging around. On a recent trip to Rhino River Lodge in the Manyoni Game Reserve (previously called Zululand Rhino Reserve), I became a witness to just how lazy lions can actually be.

A Summer Storm at Rhino River Lodge

Guests find respite in air-conditioned rooms before climbing into game drive vehicles with beads of sweat rolling down their foreheads. It’s hot during the day but a Summer storm is looming and will soon cool the area.

A hands-on rhino dart at Rhino River Lodge

Rhino darting is a crucial part of rhino conservation and an unforgettable experience. Two lucky visitors at Rhino River Lodge managed to experience a rhino dart hands on.

Spotted hyaena rescued from a poacher’s snare

Staff at Rhino River Lodge wait patiently for the chance to rescue a hyena that had been caught in a wire snare. Snares are a cruel and indiscriminate method of poaching, and are wreaking havoc in populations of endangered predators.

The beauty of birds

Birding: appreciating the little feathered things while on safari at Rhino River Lodge in KwaZulu Natal.

A rhino named Lucky

A heart-rending but also heart-warming story about a very special rhino at Rhino River Lodge.

A leopard refuses to budge

Try as they might, there doesn’t seem to be anything that will get this strong-willed leopard out of its comfy box!

5 reasons chicks dig Rhino River Lodge

The alarm goes off. It’s dark. Its 5am. We don’t kick, scream and curse it. Not this time, because that alarm is waking us up to head out on our early game drive. Now that’s a reason worth waking up for on a Saturday morning says Kelly Kidson. The giddy weekend my mom and I […]