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Spring safari in South Africa

September marks the beginning of spring, and the end of the country’s short-lived winter. While the dry, winter months may have the reputation of being the best time to go on safari, spring is also a wonderful time to be out in the wild.

Namibia: Safari gems worth visiting

Vast and desolate in many areas, Namibia has the appeal of a remote and adventurous land, while still providing the convenience of a country geared towards travellers.

Up in the air on a sky safari

Soaring and drifting. Flying and floating. A safari in the sky is both magical and memorable, and should definitely be on your next African itinerary.

Tips on tipping on safari

While not a compulsory practice, tipping is firmly entrenched in the tourism industry in Africa. It helps to ensure that those working in the service industry are receiving a decent living wage.

Ethical animal encounters for your bucket list

Not all wild animal encounters are unethical. Here are a few options for appropriate animal encounters that still provide the thrill of being up-close to wildlife, while not compromising the animals’ well-being.

3 unique romantic experiences in Africa

Whether you’re popping the question, planning a honeymoon, or just treating your loved one to a well-deserved getaway; it’s hard to beat the romance of Africa.

The predators of the Okavango Delta

The sheer magnificence of the area is enough to warrant a trip alone, however, there’s something special about seeing the wildlife in the delta. Elephants spraying each other, water-loving lions swimming across channels, and more hippos than one could imagine. There’s always something spectacular to be witnessed.

For the love of wildlife!

February is the month of love and humans aren’t the only lovebirds feeling the Valentines’ Day spirit. Although, contrary to what Disney movies would have us believe, love among wildlife is often raw, unapologetic and quite frankly, a little disturbing at times.

Uganda: experiencing the popular Queen Elizabeth National Park

Stretching from the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains in the north, along the shores of Lake Edward, to the remote Ishasha River in the South, Queen Elizabeth National Park is arguably the most popular and certainly one of the most scenic National Parks in Uganda.

3 funny-looking birds of prey

Africa is home to a plethora of beautiful birds, but from our experience, the weirder looking the bird is, the more fascinating it is.

The safari magic of Murchison Falls

Situated in the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley, Murchison Falls National Park is undoubtedly one of the country’s natural highlights.

6 tips for a Great Migration safari

Watching over a million wildebeest plunge into the Mara River and swim across to the safety of the Serengeti is hard to beat. Here are six tips for planning your ultimate safari.

The art of the slow safari

Why rush when on safari? Learn the art of the slow safari with these alternative ways to experience wildlife.

Remembrance in Rwanda

Earlier this week, Rwanda came together as a nation to remember the 1994 genocide, marking the start of 100 days of mourning. The ceremonies held across Rwanda on Monday 7th April, the anniversary of the start of the killings, are part of Kwibuka, an annual event to commemorate the genocide.

People and primates – beyond the bucket list

When Paul Baldwin started planning a safari for him and his wife Sarah to visit Uganda and Rwanda, it was as important to him to spend time visiting local communities as it was to incorporate encounters with the critically endangered mountain gorillas.