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A safari experience of a lifetime

A guest shares with us some of the incredible sightings he and his wife had while staying at Jaci’s Lodges in Madikwe, South Africa.

Getting ready for wild dog puppies

It has now been around two years since the resident pack of African wild dogs had puppies, but we have been cautiously optimistic that they would den again this year at Jaci’s Lodge in Madikwe, South Africa.

The mighty lion prides of Madikwe

In Madikwe Game Reserve, Jaci’s Lodges guide, Andrew, has encountered three lion prides with cubs in the area, and just like any family group, each of these prides have their own unique dynamics and stories to tell.

Photoseries: cheetah hunt zebra

We were incredibly lucky to witness something that I am sure many people want to see, and photograph, for themselves while on safari: a cheetah hunt!

Elephants make a splash at the local waterhole

It is incredible to watch the reactions of guests on their first safari when coming across great sightings. Reactions that we often take for granted. Many guests arrive at the lodge hoping to see a plethora of game, both big and small, and most of the times elephants are right up top of that list.

Lone buffalo bull enjoys a soothing mud bath

Preferring dense habitat, such as reeds and thickets, buffalos are rarely seen in the open woodland. Fortunately, luck was on their side when guests had a fantastic sighting while out on a game drive with Jaci’s Lodges.

24 hour bird race in Madikwe Game Reserve

I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days at Jaci’s Lodges in Madikwe Game Reserve as an initial attempt at a 24 hour bird race in the reserve, revolving around BirdLife South Africa’s Big Birding Day.

A lazy Sunday in the life of a hyena family in Madikwe

East side of Madikwe in the middle of no where, there is life that breaths, eats and sleeps, a home to one of the most adorable but yet ugliest wild animals – with their slopey bodies and intimidating laughter (that they use as mechanism to confuse mostly lions when trying to steal their meal) doesn’t help the ugly hyena stereotype.

A day at the Office at Jacis Lodge in Madikwe

Four o’clock and the alarms sets off… it is still pitch dark and in the distance I can hear the two male lions we saw last night roaring. As I go to pick up my rifle from the safe at the Rangers’ Room, I bump into the only other creatures that are awake, my colleagues.

Challenge yourself with photography at Jacis Lodges

I’ve worked as the photographic guide at Jaci’s lodges in Madikwe since the beginning of the year and just like with any type of guiding, there are plenty of opportunities to learn something new every day.

A successful rhino rescue

The poaching war on rhinos is unfortunately a very real threat to the species and every day men and women are risking their lives to fight back and save the ones that still remain in the African bush.

Life at the waterhole

Jaci’s Lodges waterhole hide is giving guests the chance to have some incredible, up close and personal wildlife sightings.

A wild dog relocation

In an effort to help grow the wild dog population, guides at Madikwe help to relocate two males to a new territory.

Lion cubs in Madikwe

Guests at Jaci’s Lodges savour their first glimpses of three lion cubs in Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa.

Kids on a photo safari

A group of young boys have a fantastic time shooting Africa’s wildlife on a photo safari designed specifically for kids.

24-hour photographic hide and seek in Madikwe

A 24-hour stake-out in the Terrapin Hide at Jaci’s Lodges leads to photographing an array of wildlife, including the first predator spotted from the hide and the beautiful blood moon.

Rhino fun walk in Madikwe

The first ever rhino fun walk in Madikwe Game Reserve raised awareness about the plight of rhinos as well as R64,000 for anti-poaching initiatives.

A new photographic hide in Madikwe

Wildlife photographers are in luck because Jaci’s Lodge is proud to announce the launch of its water-level hide. Accessible around the clock and complete with top equipment, let your photographic visions come to life in Madikwe!

Wild dog puppy protocol in Madikwe

Nine little tails are wagging in the Madikwe Game Reserve, and while everyone’s desperate for a peek at the new wild dogs, it is also important to follow strict protocol to protect them.

Predator interaction on a buffalo kill

Jaci’s Lodges in Madikwe Game Reserve were treated to some very interesting and unique predator interaction after leaving a camera trap at a buffalo carcass.