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Zuri and Amaka: The cheetah brothers of Mugie

Although cheetahs are solitary creatures, males (often brothers) form coalitions and defend their territory together. Amaka, and his brother Zuri, have done just this, and at six years old have spent their lives as companions and compatriots.

The trials and tribulations of Mara the lioness

Over the last four years, Mara has not been lucky when it comes to reproduction. Despite her efforts to increase members of the pride, she has not been successful; from three consecutive births none of her cubs have reached adulthood.

The unique and life-saving cheetah brotherhood of Mugie

The bond between brothers is a unique one. And when we see that relationship in nature between wild animals, it can be even more interesting. Zuri and Amaka, two cheetah brothers living on the plains of Mugie Conservancy, are a wonderful example of this strong bond of kinship and support.

Kayaking with elephants

A kayaking expedition ends in an incredible sighting of a playful herd of elephants and swimming.