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Meeting face to face in Niassa

Ella was doing her home-schooling work the other day,  a lesson on the five senses. “What is a smell you like?”. “Flowers”, she says. “Ok, well what is a smell you dislike?” With no hesitation, “Dead elephants!”. She’s five and says it like it is and she’s right, I hate it too and the air […]

Flying Kites, Making Progress

Niassa, Mozambique. I heard the lions roaring from the plain behind camp at 2am in the morning and it felt like a good omen. I wake up a lot at night and I love listening to all the bush sounds. These are my moments of quiet in a crazy life, time to just enjoy the […]

News from Niassa: New York, Malaria and ants

There is something about flying directly from the city into Niassa in one day that makes Niassa come into sharp focus despite the heat haze and constant fires. I was away for three weeks fund raising in the US and it felt like forever. As I fly in the bush looks grey and burnt, strewn […]

News from Niassa: A family in the wild

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet” Bob Dylan We like to feel the rain. We also sometimes get wet, as for nine months of the year we sleep in a Mozzie dome tent on a platform under a sausage tree In Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique. We’ve been here for nine years running […]