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Lions by the Swimming Pool

By Jemima Middleton It was an unlikely afternoon. Stifling and sticky-hot: that kind of pressing heat that wilts or melts anything it touches. I was slower off the mark than usual, hanging around the office when I should have been cooling off in the pool or having a rest before dinner. I eventually wandered to […]

My first time in Kruger National Park

I have fulfilled a childhood dream. On the 5th October, 2012, Callum and I were handed the keys of our new old Land Rover TDI Defender. We met the landy, now named Layla, in a parking lot in Maun, and it was love at first sight: then our epic journey began. Starting with the long […]

Hyaenas Under My Bed?

The piercing screams of a distressed elephant are not the ideal interruption to a peaceful sleep. I awoke to this devilish cacophony and glanced at my watch. It was half past 3 in the morning. Angry trumpeting and the thundering of pachyderm feet through water accompanied the screaming. I calculated blearily that the splashes must […]

Stuck in the Okavango Delta in a mini-skirt

By Jemima Middleton. Photos by Cayley Christos “Do we know where we’re going?” “Yep.” This sounded fairly confident, so we leapt into the Concession 4×4 in our clean white shirts and smart black skirts, and headed out into the bush. We were running late, and had about a half-hour drive ahead of us, to a […]

Don’t mess with my island!

One afternoon recently, two guests were relaxing by the bar – they had been admiring a hippo in a pool in front of the deck. Nicknamed ‘Flump,’ this particular hippo has formed the centre-point for meet & greet’s with guests, as his chosen shelter is in a small pool directly in front of the main deck.

Punch snake love!

I am a light sleeper. Which is why, in the early hours of the morning, I wake up with a jolt upon hearing a cautious but firm “Ah-ha” from the person lying next to me. “What is it, Callum? What’s wrong?” I mutter, rolling over and trying not to shed entirely the comfortable blanket of […]

Our Christmas in the Bush

This year, I woke up on Christmas morning to the sound of a baboon unceremoniously peeing on my roof. In the Linyanti (Botswana), it is an unmistakeable sound, and mildly concerning when your roof is made of old canvas: it is usually advisable to brace yourself under the covers in case your head cover gives […]

Our life in the bush

On paper, it shouldn’t have worked out. A Joburg-born, St. John’s boy on a path to do a B-Comm at Wits, with a secret love of the bush that would eventually lead him away from the city before his degree was done… and a British geek with happy memories of a childhood spent in Botswana, […]