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Deceptive creatures: Survival in the wild

For billions of years, animals have learnt the skills required to survive and escape predation, adapting to their environment and learning a few tricks along the way.

The leopard – master hunter

Normally seen in a distant tree canopy or as a fleeting glimpse while it runs away, leopards are shy and elusive animals.

Migratory birds of South Africa

Every year South Africa plays host to an influx, and then an exodus, of more than one hundred bird species that flock to its shores during the summer months to take advantage of the rich conditions in terms of weather and food availability.

5 Intriguing insects found in the African bush

The African bush is full of fascinating wildlife, both great and small. But sometimes the small gets overshadowed by the big… but not this time! Here we share with you five intriguing insects that are definitely worth keeping an eye out whilst on safari.

Matabele ants: Raiders of termites

One of the many interesting ants in the African bushveld is the matabele ant (Pachycondyla analis). Their fame comes from their most organised raids of termites on which they feed!

Scorpion venom: Liquid gold

Complex and fascinating by design, scorpion venom have proved throughout history to be a mythical yet remedial substance all in one.

A guides’ guide to operating a 4×4 safari vehicle

Having spent many hours behind the wheel of a 4×4 safari game drive vehicle, along with experiences that have taught me how best to operate a vehicle, hopefully this will help the reader achieve a similar if not better level of confidence and expertise.

Photography tips for field guides

The safari industry is one such area that has becoming synonymous with photography and guests from all corners of the globe flock to Africa so experience the wonders of its biodiversity in the flesh. What better way to immortalise these memories than by documenting the experience in photographs.

Vultures: nature’s best scavengers

Often called ugly, disgusting, and unhygienic, these large birds play a crucial role in the environment as nature’s best scavengers. They will find dead animals in the environment and pick the bones clean which in turn helps regulate potential carcass borne diseases that are exposed to other fauna.

The Little 5: Heroes of the African bush

The Big 5, a term from the old hunting days, devoted to the five most dangerous animals to hunt, has been a target for the avid Safari goer since the birth of photographic tourism in Africa.

Has the crocodile perfected its evolutionary process

Crocodiles are considered living relics of this bygone era and delving a little deeper into their physiology, we begin to understand why they are still so successful, despite all the changes that have since impacted the world.

Why do lions play?

When Bushwise students find some lions playing around in the bush, they raise some questions about lion behaviour.

Learning how to track animals

There is always something happening in the bush, even if you don’t get to see it. Erik Brits recently learnt how to unlock all of these secrets during “track and sign” week with Bushwise Field Guides.

Bushwise sleep-out

Erik Brits travels to Limpopo to spend a day with the guides-in-training at the Bushwise Field Guides training facility.