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10 Awesome Adventure Activities in Morocco

Morocco is a land of unforgiving desert-scapes, immense rocky canyons, towering mountains and swirling river rapids – the perfect playground for a myriad action-fuelled adventures. Here are ten awesome activities, sure to get your heart beating and adrenalin pumping: By Alecia Cohen & Holly Meadows 1. Ride dune buggies or dirt bikes across Morocco’s rugged […]

Morocco’s Painter by Mouth

Once in a while we come across a person in our lives that allows us to understand the meaning of dignity. For me it is Mustapha El Harchi, a disabled painter by mouth from Morocco’s seaside artist colony of Essaouira, that serves as a reminder of how self-dignity and self-preservation of the soul is free.

Morocco and the Pasha Glaoui’s Exotic Kasbah Telouet

  To visit Kasbah Telout is to see one of Morocco’s hidden jewels. It lies at an elevation of 1,800 meters and lays claim to magnificent views that overlook the Berber village of Telouet. Kasbah Telouet is one of Morocco’s most impressive Kasbahs. Most travellers who visit Kasbah Telouet opt to see it when en […]

The Best of Moroccan Cuisine: an Introduction

If you are in the process of planning a vacation to Morocco, then it is important to have your finger on the pulse of the best restaurants and haute cuisine in Marrakech, Fes (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and Essaouira. Eating in Morocco is an experience that is second to none when travellers pair their choice of […]

Fantasia in Marrakech

Fantasia in Marrakech is a spectacular way to see Marrakech by night. This Equestrian dinner and Moroccan music show is held at Chez Ali in the Palmerie of Marrakech. It pays homage to the traditional Meknes Fantasia in the old medieval capital of northern Morocco. A Moroccan dinner is served with a traditional starter of Harira (chickpea soup), a […]