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It seems somewhere down the line some people have lost sight of what a safari is actually about. Whizzing around from country to country, packing in as many attractions and national parks as possible and chasing down wildlife sightings, disregarding the plains game because it’s all about seeing predators.

Travellers sometimes hop from place to place so quickly that there is barely enough time for them to get to know the country they are visiting, let alone develop a relationship and understanding of it. Call us old-school, but we are all for ‘slow travel’ at Journeys Discovering Africa, and enjoy taking the time to appreciate the smaller, slower and simpler pleasures while on safari.

Stopping for picnics in scenic spots, spending time with local communities, enjoying drinks around a campfire and afternoon naps in the African sun – that’s what it’s really all about.

Here are a few of our favourite ‘slow travel’ activities that are an ideal balance between relaxation, adventure and involvement, and will ensure that you have no choice but to appreciate the experience for what it is.

A walking safari

Being in the bush on your own two feet is bound to awaken your senses. You see, smell and soak up the environment around you. Walking in the wild, you are given a unique perspective of your surroundings and become a part of the tapestry of nature. Every detail, from animal spoor to what the weather is doing becomes vitally important and you will find an appreciation for things you would not have even noticed from the comfort of a 4×4 game vehicle.

© Robin Pope Safaris

A hot air balloon ride

Whimsical, exclusive and inspiring. Floating over Kenya’s Maasai Mara in a hot air balloon is one of the best ways to experience the vast open plains and abundance of wildlife in the area on a whole different level – literally. Unlike helicopter and plane flights, hot air balloons move quietly and seamlessly through the air and cause less disturbance to the wildlife below, giving you not only fantastic photographic opportunities, but also fascinating insights into animal behaviour.

© Governors’ Camp

A horse riding safari

While a slightly more adventurous option, horse riding is another fun and exciting way to view wildlife without interrupting or agitating the animals. Horseback safaris also allow you to venture to areas that are usually inaccessible by vehicles and travel through rivers and across diverse terrains. It is one of the truest and most traditional safari experiences.

© Mihingo Lodge

A boat safari

Slowly making your way down the river in a boat, watching hippos resting and elephants bathing; boating safaris are a peaceful and relaxing way of getting close to the many animals and birds that inhabit our beautiful waterways.

© Robin Pope Safaris

No rush and no traffic. Just authentic safari magic as it should be. Find out more about our intimate, tailored safari tours at Journeys Discovering Africa.

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