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We arrived at a dam in Kruger National Park in the middle of the morning to see that an old hyena was eating something in the water. We assumed that it must have been the remains of an animal that had passed away but we could not see very well – only the red colour of the meat.


The hyena was still busy trying to eat when a lioness suddenly appeared from under a water pipe beneath the road. The lioness walked up to the hyena, which had not yet realised her presence, and my heart was beating so fast as I was sure she was going to kill the hyena.


However, they gave each other a few looks and growls, then the hyena moved away and the lioness went into the water to retrieve some of the meat for herself before returning with it to the water pipe under the road.

heyna-growls-at-lioness hyena-lioness-standoff

The suspense of this sighting was intensified by the fact that the hyena seemed to have no idea that the lioness was coming up behind her! Both of these ladies have years of battle scars, and the hyena in particular was a bit worse for wear, with one blind eye and almost no teeth left. Survival is not always easy in the wild!

hyena--kruger-national-park lioness-kruger
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Corlette Wessels

As a child my father used to take photo's of almost everything and that is where my passion for photography started. Then my husband gave me my first camera, a Minolta that changed my life. As my interest grew in photography, I upgraded to new and better equipment. I hope my shots elicit an emotional response in the viewer. My favourite place in the world is the Kgalagadi. To me this place just has some magic in its bones and many of my photos, as well as much of my blog content, is born there. This deep connection to the animals and bush, is quite simply the love of my life. My hope is that you will feel my deep love and respect for animals and nature through my photographs and in reading some of my blogs you can experience a little what I see when I am out there, doing the thing I love most. You can read more on my adventures and see more of my photography on my website