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The answer to this week’s #trackitthursday challenge by Tanda Tula is… the buffalo!

© Rob Baird

The buffalo, one of the iconic ‘Big 5’, is a magnificent but incredibly dangerous animal. Reaching shoulder heights of 1.5m and weighing up to 750kg, they have a large head, short neck and stocky legs.

Buffalo are mainly preyed upon by lions, and when one member of the herd is attacked the others often rush to their defence. Reaching speeds of up to 35km/h, a group of buffalo working together can easily take on a pride of lions and chase them off. A great example of this was seen in 2007 at ‘Battle of Kruger’, where a herd chased off a pride of lions during a hunt, which also involved a crocodile! View the video here:


Buffalo usually stay in large herds, sometimes consisting of thousands of members, but at times an older male is kicked out of the herd by younger members, to then become lone bulls. These are referred to by many as ‘Dagga boys’ (Dagga meaning mud in Zulu).

Such lone bulls spend much of their time wallowing in mud. The image of the track taken here was of one such lone chap.

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