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Written by: Karen Theron, Editor, Tracks4Africa

Tracks4Africa launched a new off-line app last week which will change the way people navigate. This quick and easy guide for overland adventurers is a must when you venture into Africa.

Tracks4Africa guide

According to Johann Groenewald from Tracks4Africa the new Guide App is a natural extension of their existing product range. Their flagship product has always been a very detailed Garmin compatible GPS Africa map used by self-drive travellers.

They have in recent years taken their existing content and published it in paper map and guide book format as well. Each medium, be it a GPS map, paper map, website or guide book plays a role in making content accessible. With the smartphone and more specifically the tablet, the technology used on the road by the modern day traveller has developed to such an extent that they had to rethink the way in which they make information accessible.


Tracks4Africa had to rework their existing content to a suitable format that could be used on an iPad. The first thing they did was to design a good quality and visually appealing mapThere are thousands of points of interest (POIs) on the maps which cover anything from waterholes to fuel stops.

africa guide app


The guide has the following categories:

• Places (cities, towns, etc)

• Attractions and activities

• Parks

• Scenic

• Camps

• Lodging

• Food and drink

• Fuel

• Shopping

• Services

• More (miscellaneous points of interest).

Tracks4Africa app

The beauty of this stunning app is that it combines your GPS location with the map so you can see where you are and orientate yourself on the map. The best of all is that you don’t need internet connection for the app, so you can really take it with you into the bush.

Tracks4Africa guide app

At the moment the App is only available for iPad but according to Groenewald the Android version will definitely follow at some stage. You can go to the iTunes store to download the app for free. The generic app contains samples of the map and guide information. If you like what you see, you simply go to in-app purchases and get the full app functionality for the country that you want. At this stage Namibia and Botswana are available but according to Tracks4Africa more travel regions will follow soon.

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