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Afternoon game drives at Jaci’s Lodges are always a memorable experience, but sometimes a really unique opportunity presents itself and a truly wild moment worth highlighting as unforgettable is captured. 

On the 10th of March this year, our field guide Peter was out on an afternoon game drive with our lodge guests, when he spotted a male leopard devouring a recent kill. The leopard had dragged the young zebra prey high up into a shepherd’s tree just north of the airstrip (affectionately known as Madikwe International) and was clearly settling in for a feast.

leopard leopard kill

Unfortunately for our leopard, which had done all the work to this point, a male lion had picked up the scent of the kill from a distance and managed to trace it all the way to that very tree. On his second attempt, with surprising grace and dexterity for the large beast, the lion successfully climbed the tree and took ownership of the prey.

v lion lion

This in the meantime sent the leopard right up to the flimsy top branches, where he was forced to perform a balancing act of note in order to avoid a confrontation with a hungry lion.

leopard-lion-tree-kill-madikwe lion and leopard in a tree

With the zebra clenched firmly in his jaws, the lion made his way down from the tree and into the bushveld, to enjoy his take away dinner.

lion lion lion lion

We hope you enjoy this series of photographs taken by our guest Yvonne Harms-Fuer, as much as we did. Again we are reminded of this special place we call home and how incredibly lucky we are to experience these uniquely breathtaking moments. And twice as lucky to get such great photo’s as evidence of nature’s majesty!

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