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Here is the line-up for the South African TV show 50‌‌‌ | 50, Anniversary Season, Episode 24 on 17 February 2014. Follow disaster relief efforts in a wildlife sanctuary in the Philippines that resembles an african nature reserve, see the release of a young elephant seal and open your eyes to the world of online animal trade scams.

Philippines fiasco

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On the 8th November 2013, the Philippines were hit by a formidable tropical cyclone. The cyclone was the 4th largest ever recorded with winds surpassing 300km per hour, it was the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall. The locals named the typhoon “Yolanda”. Yolanda ripped through the Philippines and claimed over 6000 human lives with a further 1700 people still unaccounted for and millions of people impacted. From around the world, assistance poured into the country and provision was made for both the people and their animals. The Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary is located on a small island in the far south. The sanctuary is a refuge for many species and resembles an African nature reserve. Cyclone Yolanda’s forces were apparent at the sanctuary with animals such as giraffe and zebra sustaining severe injuries. Disaster relief was implemented by several animal wildlife organisations from around the world to help the animals of the Philippines. In this episode we follow Four Paws International as they deliver much needed food supplies and treat the injured animals at Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary.

Selso returns

Selso-Seal-Release--Boat Selso-Elephant-Seal Selso--Elephant-Seal Selso---Elephant-Seal Selso---Elephant-Seal-Release Selso---Elephant-Seal-Release--Boat Elephant-Seal Elephant-Seal-Release

Last year a young elephant seal was found on a Kwazulu-Natal beach. He was taken to uShaka’s SeaWorld for rehabilitation and there named Selso. In South Africa, elephant seals occasionally come ashore but very little is known about this behaviour on our coastline. After six months at uShaka’s SeaWorld, Selso is ready for release, weighing an impressive 180kg. Prior to release Selso is fitted with a satellite monitor to gather valuable information and to try understand why he was so far from his Sub-Antarctic island habitat. Selso is transported on a cruise ship assisting with his release. For two days, he travels in his crate monitored by the uShaka SeaWorld team. Finally they reach their destination, 25 nautical miles off the Port Elizabeth coast. Selso’s crate is attached to the ships crane, lifted into the air and lowered next to the side of the ship. Selso is hestiant as the door opens on his freedom and he faces the very long journey home. Will he make it?

Eko-Ondersoek – online animal trade scams

Pet-Scams Online-Pet-Scams Eko-Ondersoek---Online-Pet-Scams _Scams _Online-Pet-Scams

When it comes to shopping online almost anything is available at the tips of our fingers and is just one click away. But these purchases should be made cautiously as there are many internet scams and some are targeted at animal lovers. Pets bought online can be sickly, different to the picture or description advertised and sometimes don’t even exist. Pet scammers use cute cuddly pictures and emotional stories to lure in their victims. They are experts at pulling on animal lover’s heart strings and extortion happens with many different species. Although it is legal to sell and buy pets online it’s definitely not recommended. Eko-Ondersoek investigates the circumstances around online scams and the reasons people are driven to acquire exotic pets. They also look at the laws in South Africa regarding the buying and keeping of exotic animals.



It’s all-out action in tonight’s VeldFokus with lion-flipping buffalo, defiant warthogs and patient predators.

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