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Here is the New Year’s episode line-up for the South African TV show 50‌‌‌ | 50, Anniversary Season, Episode 18 on 30 December 2013: Continue to explore the waterways of the Okavango Delta, take a trip to Kleinsee to discover how this once thriving mining town is now a pearl for oyster production and find out how tourists are ruining Kruger National Park.

Okavango expedition part 2

Okavango-Delta-Boats Okavango-Delta-Elephant Okavango-Delta-Map Okavango-Delta-Sun Okavango-Delta Okavango

Bertus continues his journey into the Okavango with a group of researchers on a 20 day trip into the Delta to perform the Annual Okavango Delta Wetland Bird Survey which aims to highlight the importance of this wetland in maintaining bird and other plant and animal biodiversity. A myriad challenges and obstacles lie in his path…


Oysters-project-Kleinsee Oysters-Kleinsee Oysters-in-Kleinsee Oysters-at-Kleinsee

Deserted diamond mines can leave scars on the earth and on people’s lives as thriving mining towns become ghost towns. The small town of Kleinsee in the Northern Cape has such a diamond mine. In 2007 as the diamond yield fell at the Kleinsee mine on the West Coast, workers were laid off with devastating effects to the community. But an innovative mind saw the empty mines as an opportunity. Alister Joshua proved to be a diamond in the rough when he put his mind to building an oyster empire in the ruins of a diamond empire. He and his team now hope to put Kleinsee and the succulent Namaqualand-grown oysters on the lips of everyone from the Cape to Namibia. The project currently provides a handful of much-needed jobs and employment opportunities are set to increase. Bertus takes a long trip to Kleinsee to see what this pearl of an idea is all about!

Eko-Ondersoek: Kruger National Park

Kruger-National-Park Kruger-National-Park-wildlife Kruger-National-Park-rules Kruger-National-Park-litter Kruger-National-Park-litter-sign

Attracting visitors from all over the world, the Kruger National Park is the jewel in the crown of South Africa’s ecotourism industry. It was established over a hundred years ago and has helped preserve a huge part of African biodiversity whilst allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of this relatively undisturbed environment. But the poor behaviour of visitors to the reserve remains an ongoing challenge to the Kruger National Park managers. Breaking speed limits, hanging out of vehicle windows and littering are just a few of the infringements made by visitors. The Eko-Ondersoek team investigates.



It is almost New Year’s Eve and we have our very own version of the Royal Variety Show with overly curious cats, feisty zebras and halos in the sky.

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