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I don’t work in town so I don’t often venture down to Cape Town’s gorgeous Company’s Gardens, but there are plenty of reasons why I should! 

Here are just 5:

1. The Company’s Garden Restaurant

This whimsical restaurant is great for children or those simply young at heart. Bring your friends, family and furry children and climb into the bird’s nest up in the trees as you enjoy your morning coffee with the birds. The restaurant also has a take-away menu for those that have to get back to their desks within the city.

©Ryan Avery

2. A break from the city

Cape Town’s city centre can be a stressful place with traffic, taxis and everyone in a busy, busy rush. All that whizzing and whirling can really take its toll, but a few minutes in this green gem within the heart of the Mother City sure does calm the soul.

©Andrew Gorman/Studio 7 Sessions
©Andrew Gorman/Studio 7 Sessions

3. Museums, museums, museums

The gardens, which take their name from the Dutch East India Company that first started the garden to supply the ships, are surrounded by a host of interesting museums. Be sure to visit the Slave Lodge – one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town, the Iziko South African Museum, the Planetarium, the South African National Gallery, the Cape Town Holocaust Centre and St George’s Cathedral – all of which are located on the edge of the gardens and offer fascinating insights into South Africa’s past, present and future.

©Andrew Gorman/Studio 7 Sessions
©Andrew Gorman/Studio 7 Sessions

4. Fauna and flora delights

The gardens delight at every turn and, thanks to their sprawling lawns with plenty of benches, they are well worth exploring. Use your time to visit the the bird aviary, rose garden, koi fishpond, herb garden, vegetable patch, Japanese themed section or some of the ancient, oldest trees in town.

©Danie van der Merwe
©Danie van der Merwe

5. An array of amazing events

Many great events are held at Cape Town’s Company’s Gardens, including summer and Christmas markets, garden parties and concerts and city walks. Recently I joined a unique gin and music experience by Studio 7 Sessions that took the form of a silent concert set against the lush trees and plants of one of Cape Town’s oldest gardens.

©Andrew Gorman/Studio 7 Sessions
©Andrew Gorman/Studio 7 Sessions

The event really made me realise what I was missing out on by not visiting the Company’s Gardens. I sure will be heading into the city soon – and when I do, these magical gardens will be where you can find me!

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