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Horseback riding in Uganda
Image supplied by African Pearl Safaris

Jinja is widely known as Uganda’s adventure capital due to the variety of great tourist activities on offer. Located in southeastern Uganda, on the shore of Lake Victoria, Jinja town marks the source of the River Nile, the longest river in the world. The 2-hour drive to Jinja from the country’s capital, Kampala, passes through interesting sights, including small towns, tea plantations, sugarcane plantations and the world famous Mabira Forest.

Below are five top adventurous tourist activities that Jinja has to offer.


White water rafting on the River Nile is a great experience for any adventure-seeker and can be done either as a full or half-day. Rafting is available year round (with the water temperature staying a comfortable 27°c degrees) and with a minimum of six people. In order to enjoy rafting to the fullest you need to have waterproof sunscreen, board shorts, and a swimsuit while rafting.

The rafting starts downstream and the course on the river can be up to 30 km in distance.

White water rafting on the Nile River
Image supplied by African Pearl Safaris


After all that adrenaline-pumping rafting, you might want to take some time out to relax. And what better way to do that than on a cruise on the River Nile. Cruising on the Nile offers some great sights of the surrounding wilderness and historic landmarks – including the Speke Memorial Monument that marks the start of the source of the Nile.

The best time for a river cruise is in the morning and late evening when sunrises and sunsets provide ultimate photographic opportunities.

Boat cruise on the Nile River
Image supplied by African Pearl Safaris


Quad biking is a unique way to explore Jinja and the surrounding areas. The activity takes place along the banks of River Nile, where you can enjoying the passing landscape and the beautiful scenery. You will also ride around local villages, farmlands, and also have a chance to interact with the locals.

Quad biking can be arranged between 2-5 hours and the price depends on the times chosen. The biking begins with a safety briefing (helmets are included) and practice before heading out with an expert guide. Bookings can be made through an Uganda tour company.

Quad biking in Uganda
Image supplied by African Pearl Safaris


Jinja is the only place where you can do bungee jumping in Uganda. Participants jump off one of the most spectacular bungee jumping sites in the world over the River Nile. It is one of the highest jumps in Africa and includes jumping from a platform 44 metres above the Nile. When registering participants can choose whether to to take the long or short jump. The minimum age is 13 years old.

Bungee jumping in Uganda
Image supplied by African Pearl Safaris


Horseback riding was introduced to Jinja to allow tourists to experience the local villages while being able to enjoy the views of the Nile and the tea estates in a peaceful and relaxed environment. Rides take place in the morning and evening for about 2-3 hours – there are night rides but this is for experienced riders only.

The weight restriction is 90 kilograms and a small number of participants are allowed per ride. Horseback riding in Uganda can also be done in Lake Mburo National Park which is located south of Jinja to the west of Lake Victoria.

As you can see, Jinja provides a wide range of adventure-filled activities that are highly recommended when visiting Uganda!

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