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Our Secret Season Safari in East Africa

Safari report-back: My luxury green (secret) season adventure in Kenya and Tanzania – arranged by Africa Geographic. By Mark Paul


Safari tips: Going on safari with kids

Travelling with kids on a safari in Africa may seem like a daunting task. They can get bored very easily, especially on long road trips, and keeping their attention and interest piqued about wildlife can become a tedious, exhausting and stressful task. However, with proper planning and armed with the knowledge of what your kids enjoy, you can make a safari quite an enjoyable and memorable experience for the whole family.

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The Ultimate Primate Experience

Safari report-back: Trekking for gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes NP is the is the ultimate primate experience. By Björn Persson

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Klaserie through the Lens

Safari trip report-back: at Klaserie in the Greater Kruger National Park is an epic destination for photographers. By Willem Kruger

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Nyiragongo: A hike to the centre of the Earth

Safari report-back: Climbing Mount Nyiragongo in DRC was one of the highlights of my life. By Björn Persson


Safari tips: How to find luxury safari lodges at a discount

Planning an African safari? We provide a breakdown of the various ‘safari seasons’ and when best to travel so as to avoid the crowds.


Safari tips: 10 safety points about wild animals

Here are 10 important pieces of information to keep in mind about wild animals when on safari in Africa.


Safari tips: What weather to expect in Africa

While on an African safari, the weather will play a significant role in what you are likely to see (and what you’ll pack). So, here is a broad outline of sub-Saharan African climates.

Leopard in Botswana with Africa Geographic

Why the green season is the time to visit Botswana

Botswana’s green season, the months of November to March, is known by locals as the “secret season” – when you will have game drives to yourself, and enjoy amazing sighting


Safari tips: What to pack for your African safari

So, what exactly should you take on safari? The rule of thumb is to pack light, and to make use of the laundry facilities at your lodges and hotels. That said, there are some essentials that you should never be without. After many years of exploring every nook and cranny of Africa, our travel team has drilled down their list of essentials.

Black-maned lion in the Kalahari

South Africa’s top tourist attractions

If there was a checklist for the perfect travel destination, South Africa would tick most of the boxes. Famed for its amazing wildlife and landscapes, superb local cuisine, warm hospitality and great weather, (plus the added bonus that its affordable) it’s easy to understand why tourism is so big in South Africa.

Tip box at a safari lodge © Simon Espley

Safari tips: Tipping while on safari

The simple act of tipping can be an anxious moment for many people while on safari, and the subject of much discussion and seeking of advice.