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The Cape safari – off the beaten safari track

The Cape safari experience: fascinating wildlife and malaria-free protected spaces close to Cape Town and the Garden Route

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High society – spotted hyena inherit social networks

High-ranking spotted hyena cubs inherit a social network of allies which increases access to resources & breeding opportunities: New research

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Gombe and Mahale – the chimpanzee forests of Tanzania

Gombe & Mahale in Tanzania combine safari with chimpanzee trekking in the magic forests on the shores of Lake Tanganyika

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Tana River primates – on a broken wildlife highway

The critically endangered Tana River red colobus & mangabey are endemic to the forests on the banks of the Tana River


Poaching and tuskless elephants – the scientific confirmation

Ivory poaching selectively drives the evolution of tuskless elephants – new research confirms what many experts have suggested for decades

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy – Kenya’s golden child

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya, is a haven for rare and wonderful wildlife that offers exclusive stunning safari experiences.


Sunbird feathers and the sweltering cost of beauty

Gorgeous iridescent sunbird feathers play an essential role in visual communication but could dangerously increase heat absorption – new research

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The Garden Route – South Africa’s ultimate road trip

The Garden Route is a dramatic meeting of mountains, gorges, forest and the Indian Ocean, interspersed by quaint, sleepy beach towns


Caracal – Africa’s deadly beauty

The caracal, with its luminous eyes, dramatic ear tufts, bold facial markings and stocky physique is arguably Africa’s most exquisite cat

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Ghosts in the gorges – on the fugitives’ trail

Fugitives’ Drift is a rejuvenating getaway for heart and soul, where the hills breathe history and ghosts whisper in the moonlit gorges. The lodge is a haven of family hospitality in a breathtaking natural setting. 

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Striped hyena – the forgotten fourth hyena

Striped hyenas lurk in the shadows, shy and elusive. They are seldom seen, poorly understood and may answer our questions on hyena evolution

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Samburu – home of the Samburu special 5

Samburu – an arid land steeped in rich tradition, where people, livestock, and wildlife thrive side by side, sharing precious resources.