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Sable and Roan – the ‘horse-goat’ antelopes

Sable and roan – the two magnificent Hippotragus antelope – delight in their majestic bearing, gorgeous coats and rapier horns.

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Mukalya Private Game Reserve – Rescuing wilderness

Mukalya Private Game Reserve is a gorgeous piece of restored wilderness on the Zambezi River – an inspiring, family run safari experience.


Is lion hunting sustainable?

Lion hunting sustainability in Africa has been extensively investigated by pragmatic experts desperate to conserve our remaining wild lions


70 – leopard trophy hunting quota in Botswana for 2022

Leopard trophy hunting – the Botswana government has allocated a quota of 70 leopards for 2022. Is this sustainable and how do we know?


Northern Madagascar – biodiversity hotspot

Northern Madagascar – biodiversity, lush rainforests, mangroves, azure lagoons, palm-fringed beaches, lemurs and ferocious fossa

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Hyena cubs infected by parasite ‘self-sacrifice’ by approaching lions

Funky fact: Hyena cubs ‘self-sacrifice’ by recklessly approaching lions if infected by a microscopic parasite. New research

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Proposed wind farm in Addo buffer zone

A proposed wind farm within the acclaimed Addo Elephant National Park buffer zone has created an uproar from tourism stakeholders.

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Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda’s Murchison Falls NP: home to a smorgasbord of wildlife and diversity set against the backdrop of the spectacular Nile River

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Chimps kill baby gorillas – observed for the first time

Chimps kill gorilla babies in two separate incidents in Loango National Park, Gabon – the first time the behaviour has ever been observed

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Odzala-Kokoua National Park – biodiversity bonanza

Odzala-Kokoua NP in Congo is one of Africa’s hidden gems – a testament to the resilience of both the continent’s people and her ecosystems


Leopard conservation in South Africa

Leopard conservation in South Africa requires a metapopulation strategy and a sustained, transparent commitment from government – expert opinion

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Western Namibia – shades of ochre

Western Namibia is a land of heat, sand, sea and remarkable biodiversity surviving against the backdrop of harsh but stunning scenery