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The Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) SPCA, together with WAPCT and, have launched their Wild for Wildlife campaign to help raise funds for the caring of wildlife in the Cape.


The campaign aims to raise funds for the CoGH SPCA Wildlife unit. This unit comprises of only two brave inspectors who care for 11,000km² of wildlife inhabited areas as well as the coastline. Their efforts are aimed at rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife back into their habitat, as well as educating citizens on how to share the world we live in safely with our furry, feathered and scaly neighbours. They act as a voice for animals in captivity and are always on call for the Cape’s wildlife when disaster strikes (including during the fires this year).


Since they go out of their way every day for our wildlife, the CoGH SPCA is asking the public to join in and go Wild for Wildlife!


Luckily, they are not alone as some public figures have decided to take on the challenge. These brave souls will not only be daring their followers to donate to this cause but are also willing to perform a dare upon certain milestones reached.

– If R5,000.00 is reached by 15 November, the A-listers in question will attempt to break the record for most rides on the Cobra at Ratanga Junction.

– If R10,000.00 is reached by 15 December, the thick-skinned celebs will brave a polar bear swim.

– If R20,000.00 is reached by 15 January, skydiving in onesies will be on the cards.

– If R50,000.00 is reached by 15 February, their fate is in the public’s hands (a tattoo studio has even agreed to sponsor a wildlife related tattoo for one challenge).


The CoGH SPCA has teamed up with Pipey, a local online donation platform, to raise these funds and keep track of where the A-listers are in reaching their milestones.

The public can pledge support for your favourite celeb by means of a donation to that celeb’s profile – the more donations a celeb gets, the more dares/challenges they will have to complete. When making a donation, you can also submit your own dare for the celeb to take up – these will be moderated and the best dares will be chosen toward the end of the campaign.

In order to donate, simply visit to pledge support and visit the CoGH SPCA Facebook page to post a dare for a celebrity.


Support the Cape of Good Hope SPCA by getting a MyPlanet card and selecting them as your beneficiary.

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