Wildlife artist returns to his roots

Geoff Louw has always been passionate about art and wildlife. He was born at a Benedectine mission hospital in Zululand, surrounded by beautiful African scenery that made a great impression on him. Then, lured by the bright lights of the corporate world, he spent much of his life working in advertising, which he describes as “all about selling products which I’m not really interested in”.

Returning to his first loves, Geoff has begun to embark on his dream of doing art full-time. “I’m probably going through a mid-life crisis, but it’s now or never…”

It seems to me that he is well on his way, here is a taste of some of his incredible pencil drawings… thank you for sharing these with us Geoff.

An elephant enjoying a meal.

Warthog relaxing in its burrow, wondering what to do next...

Two young lions. Something has caught their attention, probably a tasty morsel...

A cheeky monkey, one of nature's hooligans

A startled leopard, about to explode into action

Two friends - a big, hairy buff and it's little friend the oxpecker.

[quote]”I try to do pics that tell a simple story, and leave bits to the viewer’s imagination…”[/quote]

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