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Julia Soderlund is a real outdoor girl from Pietermaritzburg who has a deep connection with all the animals that she encounters.

From an early age she has been caring for injured creatures in her garden and many of the birds that she has rehabilitated still live in her area. She also does regular volunteer work for the local SPCA and has created a club called Earth Team to help young people do their bit to save the planet. She loves all that Wild Kid is about. Watch Julia swing from the trees in her garden and you will see a truly wild child in action!

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Wild Kid

WILD KID is an all-action natural history multi-platform returnable series (13x30) whose purpose is to teach children about African wildlife, while amusing them with active, outdoor stories. It is presented by children, for children, showing them the beauty of the wild while actively educating and entertaining through its fast pace, simple narrative and stunning images. It is being produced by Dream Tent Films.