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For many it’s a trip of a lifetime, for others it’s an addiction that keeps them coming back year after year for all its a unique experience that leaves them in awe of nature. 

When you start looking into what the safari of your dreams might look like, you suddenly realise that it isn’t actually that simple. Too many options; from rustic tents to glamorous safari lodges, private tree camps or wild bush camps. Do you go ‘classic’ in a traditional safari vehicle, get a private guide, set off on foot or pack a canoe and get paddling? There are options, and where there are options, there are questions… but we’re here to try and help.

Lucky for us South Luangwa National Park and the surrounding areas in Zambia have it all.

If you’re sticking to the traditional safari style holiday with game drives and lodging there are many options to look through. Here in South Luangwa and the surrounding parks, you are sure to find something that fits within your budget whether you want to keep costs down or treat yourself to something a bit more lavish.


Why not take a step into the ‘wild-side’ and stay at a Bushcamp set deep within the park and embrace a walking safari. Here you will be truly indulged within the bush, surrounded by the raw sounds of nature. It really is an opportunity to experience a ‘safari’ in its wildest and some may say most rewarding form.

South Luangwa is in fact proud to be the birthplace of the walking safari – it’s here you will find some of the best on-foot safari experiences with highly experienced guides. If you want a true wild ‘bush’ experience be sure to check out some of the Bushcamps, offering rustic camping with meals around the fire, walking between camps, and tracking for lions.

©Norman Carr Safaris
©Norman Carr Safaris

Perhaps photography is the focus for your safari venture this time round and you have a dream of capturing that perfect shot of the nesting colonies of carmine bee-eaters or that textbook leopard-in-a-tree shot. Whether you want to improve your wildlife photography skills or simply increase your portfolio, South Luangwa will not disappoint.

The park has a number of hides ready for you to set up camp, so you can sit and watch and wait for that perfect shot. Specially planned photographic classes and review sessions will help you to improve and learn as you go, and as we know, no two days in the park are the same.


There are also a number of great options for families wanting to experience the holiday of a lifetime. Are you looking to get the balance of having family time together but also the opportunity to enjoy a bit of downtime or a chance for a romantic meal for two? Yes – it can all be combined.

Take a look at our example family itinerary which includes a couple of our top family lodges from around Zambia, from Livingstone to Lower Zambezi to South Luangwa. They will undoubtedly sweep you away into your own world in the bush complete with activities for the whole family and a flexible set up where nothing is too much trouble.

© Chongwe Safaris
©Chongwe Safaris

Want to mix things up a bit and add another element of adventure to your safari experience? Maybe you’ve done a few classic safaris and what to try something new. How about a rustic canoeing safari along the Lower Zambezi river, camping at each stopover? You’ll be involved in the setting up of your camps while your guides cook you your meals along the way. Watch herds of elephants, hippo, buffalo and crocodile bathe closer than ever before. Travelling down the river day by day really makes for quite an exhilarating and intimate trip with nature. There are many options available depending on just how adventurous you’re feeling.


Whatever you’re thinking about for your next safari we’re always excited to help make it happen so don’t hesitate to drop us an email with your details and ideas and we’ll see what we can do. While we can never guarantee what nature will have in store for you we can guarantee an unforgettable trip that will leave you wanting more.

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South Luangwa Safaris specialises in trips to wonderful Zambia. From classic safaris to walking safaris, from photography safaris to tailor-made trips you will find the adventure of your dreams! South Luangwa National Park, Livingstone & the Victoria Falls, Lower Zambezi National Park, Kafue & Chobe are the hotspots on the map!