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The mist suspended over Lake Malawi slowly but surely disappears as the rays of the sun begin to warm the water. Chatter and jubilation can be heard in the distance as the local fisherman return from their night fishing.

Others wait patiently beside the shore with wishful expectation in their hearts and large empty containers ready for consumption of what the evening might have provided. It is a simple life, a day-to-day living kind of life that provides little security or involves any long term planning, a life so different but one that seems so enjoyable.

River, fishing, Africa
©Neil Mcallister

The dunes in Namibia are something from a picture you once saw in a magazine and you find it difficult to grasp that you are physically standing in front of what you have longed to see for many years. The moment is virtually surreal and it takes several loud enthusiastic yelps from other tourist rushing the dune that shakes you from your awestruck mind. The dune is steep and the sandy grains gives away with every step you take.

Namibia, dunes

At last your breathing becomes normal again as the climb was tougher than you had anticipated, but the sight before you is again a vision only Vincent van Gogh could have foreseen. The red colors of the dunes are uncovered by the sunrays that break through the thin cloud layer and it is almost as if you see for the first time again.

Namibia, dunes

As I lie in bed I find my mind constantly in thought. It is working overtime as I attempt to analyse the diverse sounds from wildlife streaming through my tent in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. My heart is excited; my body is restless, as I cannot wait for the morning safari to begin. The wooden floors squeak as footsteps approach my door. There is a slight knock on my door with a gentle and soft voice waking me for morning safari.

I start to change my clothes as fast as possible, but find my face smiling for no reason at all. I feel so alive and have not been this excited in decades. I turn for the door and suddenly take a step back as I hear the intimidating call of a lion in the far distance. Could it be? Am I finally here?

Africa, children, lake
©Neil Mcallister

We dream of Africa frequently, even those living in Africa can dream of an Africa that is molded from a picture, a book or a dream. Africa is a place where one can develop ambitions; craft out personal stories and fulfill desires. The above scenarios were all sculptured from our own experiences and from what we have stored deep in our brain that is locked and saved forever.

Is it not perhaps time that you discover and assemble your own dreams into a lifetime of memories?

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