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An expecting cheetah mother, about to go into labour has been given a high-tech baby monitor to make sure everything goes as planned.

cheetah cubs

Everyone knows that being an expecting mother or caring for a newborn baby can be very stressful, and this is no different for animals in the wild, like cheetahs. The staff at the Hoedpsruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) believe that just because their expecting mommy Salome (which means peace) is a cheetah, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have access to the same tech that we have for our little ones.

They have installed a state of the art baby monitor (similar to a CCTV camera) for Salome with HD resolution, sound and night vision that runs on solar power. This way they can watch and record the birth, and also keep an eye on the cubs after they are born to make sure everything is going well.

cheetah cub

The rest of us wont be left out either, as HESC has partnered with to stream the baby monitor live on the web. The birth is expected to take place at any moment this week. You can check in on Salome right now on the monitor to see how she is doing and also sign up for an email alert that will be sent out the second she goes into labour.

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The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

The HESC focuses on the conservation of rare, vulnerable or endangered animals. The centre is one of the leaders in the breeding and research of endangered species and also provides a safe haven for orphaned and sick animals.