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Written by: Olli Teirila, Black Grouse Photography

In 2008 my girlfriend popped the question that would change my life: “Do you want to go to Africa?” Having already visited the continent twice at that point, she knew that Africa fever does exist. But little did I know that seven years later, I would have been to Africa nine times and visited seven different African countries. One of them stands out in particular though.

We visited Kenya for the first time in 2013 with Gamewatchers Safaris and it was love at first sight. The hospitality and friendliness of the people, the beauty of the landscapes, and especially the wildlife, have made us return to Kenya every year since then.


One of the reasons we can’t get enough of Kenya is that the level of the guiding has been exceptional both in the Maasai Mara and Samburu National Reserve. The guides’ skills and their enthusiasm about the wildlife, combined with the abundance of wildlife, make it the perfect recipe to keep avid photographers and videographers like us happy.


Since we are passionate about wildlife conservation, we also made it a point to visit the fabulous conservancies around the Maasai Mara. They are teeming with wildlife, and the visitor numbers are kept low for a more intimate and exclusive experience. But most importantly the local communities derive significant benefits from this conservation model, which encourages them to put aside more land for conservation.

In my video, Kenya – the Wild and Wonderful, I have tried to showcase the exciting and beautiful wilderness of this East African country. And I hope that many of you will recognise these landscapes, animals, and expressions from your own experiences.


Words can’t do justice to the beauty of these places. Photographs and videos get a bit further, but Kenya has to be really experienced by you firsthand. Africa is a feeling. Kenya is even more than that.


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Porini Camps are small, rustic eco-camps in private conservancies within the Maasai Mara, Laikipia and Amboseli ecosystems, Kenya. Our camps are situated on lands leased from local communities and are staffed by local people, making your holiday with Porini a truly meaningful experience for all concerned.