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Klaserie Sands River Camp

Written by: Bryn North

Most of us only have those two precious days a week to ourselves so we have to make the most of them. So one particular weekend a group of us decided to pack our bags and jump in the car after work, take a little drive down the N2 from Cape Town towards the Garden Route – our destination being Wilderness.

We decided to film the trip with no real plan other than to just shoot whatever we got up to.

We stayed at a small cottage situated near the mouth of the Kaaimans River. The only way to get there is to park on one side of the river and row across to the opposite side in a small rowing boat with our luggage and bedding; having to do this in the dark was a good laugh.


There is no electricity on that side of the river which was the perfect excuse to braai every meal.

At first light the next day we took the rowing boat out towards the mouth of the river where there’s a beach that extends down towards the sea and widens at low tide.


The old Outeniqua Choo Tjoe railway line stands about 36 metres over Kaaimans Beach, and it must have been a great sight to see the steam engine making its way across. Sadly due to the floods in 2006 the line was damaged and has been rendered unusable since.


Later that day we explored the waterways of the Touws River by canoe. It’s a very relaxed paddle as it meanders into the thick forests of the Outeniqua Mountains with an abundance of birdlife patrolling the skies above. Eventually you can pull off to the side and take a walk down the shaded Kingfisher Hiking Trail, which leads you to a waterfall and rock pool.

On Sunday morning we wandered along the old Outeniqua railway line, which took us through a couple of tunnels with an awesome view of Wilderness Beach and the crashing waves below.


After a decent length walk the railway line brings you to the well known Victoria Bay and, because the weather was so perfect, a handful of surfers were out tackling the winter swell.


We were hoping to do some free diving in the area but the swell was just too big and visibility wasn’t very good so we decided to simply soak up the sun in Vic Bay before slowly working our way back to Cape Town. We stopped on the way back at various places until we saw the sun duck below the Langeberg Mountains, and before we knew it, it was Monday morning again.


Another week, another adventure in South Africa.



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