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Video: We Are One – portraits of Ethiopia

Written by: Mindia Midelashvili

Ethiopia has been dream of mine for several years – it kept calling me until I got there in 2013.

It is my personal project to document countries where I feel that western ideas are changing the culture at a rapid rate. My photos and videos feature tribes where life has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years. In this video, these self-sustaining tribes are scattered across the remote regions of Ethiopia.

Omo valley Ethiopia

© Mindia Midelashvili

With detailed shots and portraits, my images pay particular homage to the beautiful array of body art by scarring, piercing and painting used by the Ethiopian tribal people. It is particularly difficult to gain close access to tribal people, and so these close up shots are very valuable and interesting.


© Mindia Midelashvili

In this new metamorphosis video, I present portraits of the humans of Ethiopia. It is a reminder that WE ARE ALL ONE – reflections of one another. In this video, with the women, men, children and elderly of the Omo Valley-I got to look each and every human in the eye. No matter all the different emotions they depicted, the smooth transition from one face to another is a perfect picture of humanity, as ONE.

I hope you enjoy it – afterall, what we share is more powerful than what divides us.

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