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Written by: Roie Galitz

As a wildlife photographer, I travel several times a year to Tanzania to photograph the wildlife and the amazing landscapes. I have witnessed many wonderful action scenes and have lots of stories to tell, along with some award-winning photos to show for it.



Wildlife has always been a passion of mine and Africa has the most amazing nature on the planet. You could say I’m addicted and that’s why I do my best to share my love and passion with as many people as possible. When I photograph wildlife, I try to get as low and as close as possible. I capture the emotions and the unique behaviour to make the strongest impact I can on the viewer.



The following video is the result of several different expeditions in Tanzania, showing some of the most extraordinary moments that I’ve witnessed. I used my professional Nikon photography gear alongside a drone for wonderful aerial shots.


However, animals often get scared at the noise of the drone above them. As I am a conservationist and the last thing I want is to harass the wildlife, I limit the fly over time to less than 10 seconds and then I leave the animals alone. This minimises the impact on the animals while still getting the footage.


I am working hard to raise awareness about the amazing continent of Africa and its wildlife. I wish to make a difference and educate people with regards to the majestic creatures that are close at heart even though they may live out of sight.



For more images and stories, you can follow Roie Galitz on Facebook. In the meantime, watch this unique video of magical Tanzania here:

Tanzania – Air and Land by Roie GalitzThis is so exciting – my video “Tanzania – Air and Land”



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