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Written by: Tim Brown

Being a tour guide and the owner of Tim Brown Tours, a safari company based in Durban, you would imagine that I’d have seen it all in my 11 years in this industry. But this is definitely not the case. The bush is full of surprises and you will always encounter new things – that is what makes my job so rewarding!

One day recently during a safari in South Africa we got lucky and located a pride of lions in Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve, the oldest protected area in Africa. We found the lions resting in the shade, but it wasn’t long before one of the sub-adult males got up and walked over to his sister and did a grimace.


After waiting for over an hour, eventually three of the five lions crossed the road in front of us.


At this point one lioness had already crossed the road and spotted some impala, but sadly for her they had spotted her too. The male impala came running out towards the lions snorting away, which is common to show the predator they have been spotted. After the female’s failed attempt, the lions lay down and waited.

Soon, what has become one of my best safari experiences to date unfolded, as a young male lion started to sneak up behind a mother rhino and her baby.


The rhino mother with her young calf walked straight past the lion and didn’t see or smell him. He then got up and quietly walked after the rhino before charging and grabbing the baby, which squealed, so he quickly let go. The mother rhino turned around with her big horn and the lion backed off fast!


I must apologies for any bad language that came from my mouth in this video, but it is something you cannot control in an amazing sighting like this. You just have to apologise to the clients after all is said and done! I could not believe our luck. In that moment time stopped and none of us cared about dinner or thought about anything else for the rest of the evening.

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