Video: rhinos charge tourists on walking safari


Watch this video of rhinos charging tourists on a walking safari in the Kruger National Park. Did the guides provoke the charge? Decide for youself.

“The rhino encounter happened in the Kruger National Park. We were on a walking safari when we came across around seven white rhinos. The ranger didn’t expect them to charge us but explained that if they did, to stand behind a bush and they would run straight past us.”


“A few minutes later one of the rhinos charged towards us, followed by the rest of them. I could feel the ground moving like an earthquake – we jumped into a bush and they thundered past about four feet from us. It was all over so quickly but what an experience it was! Both exhilarating and scary – we felt so privileged to have witnessed it.”


“As you can see in the video we were charged by rhinos but we felt safe following the rangers instructions to, ‘GET IN THE BUSH!’ ”

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  • Irene

    I think that was stupid.A rhino can charge faster than you can blink.

  • chip

    Always an element of risk walking in the bush, but I will say a couple of things. One its awfully thick bush to take tourist through. Second jumping in a bush isn’t going to save you from a charging rhino, much better to get up a tree and to avoid the circumstance altogether. I also have concerns about the guide pushing the woman toward the rhinos to get closer when she looked concerned, never want to put someone in a position where they might panic. last these are critically endangered animals and to take the risk that you might have to shoot one to save a tourist because you got to close isn’t worth it

    • Absolutely agree with all that you have said.

    • Captain Goggles

      I totally agree with everything you said. Big thumbs up. I think what you said about the guide pushing the woman to move forward while she definitely looked afraid was WRONG. I’m no expert on animal behavior and or the bush, but I sure know what fear is and what it can do, and it could lead to ACCIDENTS! I’m sure the guides are great people, and I hope that they speak about what took place there and remember Its all about saving the Rhinos correct…

  • Francois Malano

    It does not seem that these guides have any respect for the wildlife..!!

  • Peter Emery

    Well, you know. I wasn’t there so it’s hard to comment. However, I have walked with this guide and many others and always felt confident in their ability to keep me safe. There are always risks when you walk through the African bush and a guide would be foolish to take chances, risking his life, his and his family’s livelihood, the guests’ lives and that of the animal. From the video it’s impossible to tell whether or not the guide provoked the charge. I’d give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Whattheh***

    I would not have enjoyed a walk with these rangers! They are being irresponsible and flirting with danger. Cannot believe that this is allowed in the Kruger. All probably for a good tip. Idiots with probably itchy trigger fingers too. Man-handling of clients is also very odd, pushing them into the front.! Hey where were these guys trained. Provoking the very animals people are hoping to see behave in a natural way on a walking tour is just stupid. I find it incredible that this sort of thing happens, and probably all the time. We are just seeing one video on it, but I suspect this type of behaviour is not unusual on walking tours with some guides looking to give a thrill factor to a walk. Interesting to see if anything changes for the better. Such disregard for an endangered species resting in the bush is dangerous and suspect to say the least. That rifle would never even have needed to leave his shoulder if they had truly just wanted to look and admire those rhino resting, and have a close and relaxed encounter. Definitely training needs to be rethought.

  • Lynne Hannah

    I do not think those are Kruger National Park Rangers, uniform they were wearing was different to the Rangers in the National Park. They are most probably Rangers from a private Lodge which is alongside & open to the Kruger Park itself.

  • Patricia Balsdon

    Chip – you said it all.

Jacis Lodges
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